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Q: What are real name father and mother connie talbot and are they alive?
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Is Connie Talbot's father dead?

No, Gavin Talbot is alive and well. He is very supportive of Connie, Mollie, and Josh.

Is Connie Talbot alive?

Yes she is shes only 11

How did Connie Talbot die?

Connie is very much alive and well. She will be twelve years old on 20th November 2012.

Is the bee gees mother and father still alive?

The mother is 83 and still alive

Is kate gosselin mother and father living?

Both of Kate's parents are alive. Jon's mother is alive, but his father passed away in 2005.

Can a son make you sell the house after his father dies and the mother is still alive?

Can a son make you sell the house after his father dies and the mother is still alive?

Is Frank Lampard's father still alive?

Yes Frank Lampard father is alive, but the mother died recently.

Are Lil Wayne's parents alive?

His mother is alive his father died when he was a little boy.

Are Michael's mother and father still alive?

yes Michael Jackson parents are alive

Can a mother collect disability for her children if the father is disabled but they are not married and the father is still alive?


Are Sherri Shepherd's parents alive?

Her mother passed away 1991 but her father is still alive

Was William shakespeare alive when his father and mother died?


When did Taylor swift's mother and father died?

They are still alive.

Was Harry Styles an orphan?

No, his mother and father are still alive! However they are divorced and his mother is remarried.

Is Matt and Jeff Hardy's father dead?

No their mother died but their father is still alive but he is sick.

Is the mother of Naruto still alive?

No, she died along with Naruto's father.

Is George Clooney's mother dead?

No she is still alive. Father is dead.

Is Po's father still alive?

I'd say yes because at the end of the movie, the father said "my son is alive" and he is hidingin a villagefrom Chen, the peacock who killed Po's mother.

Is boy georges parents alive?

his mother, dinah o'dowd is alive, and i think his father gerry o'dowd is aliveGeorge's mother, Dinah is alive but his father, Gerald died of a Heart Attack, in 2005, while George was in New York, starring in the musical, "Taboo".

Are Brett Favre's parents alive?

Brett Favre's mother is alive, his father passed away from a heart attack in 2003.

Is CeCe Winans parents living?

Her father died in 2009. Her mother is still alive.

Are Jon Gosselin's parents living?

His father passed away, but his mother is still alive.

Is ruby bridges mother and father still alive?

Yes,Ruby bridges they are dead.

When did Drake's Mum and Dad die?

As of this writing, Drake's mother and father are both alive.

Is Celine Dion's parents still alive?

Her mother is. Her father passed away in 2003.