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Q: What are record keepers who often went on to become government officials?
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Who were record keepers who later on became government officials?

They were calle scribes!:) and trust me we just had a test on it alng with 40 other question's!

Is record keepers a subject?

It can b. Also the phrase 'record keepers' could be an object. subject - The record keepers are tired and lazy. object - I know the record keepers.

What do Egyptian Scribes do?

The scribes, another group of officials, held a privileged position. They were Egypt's writers and record keepers. Scribes might work at the king's palace, travel with high officials, or serve as public letter writers or record keepers. They assisted the tax collectors in making careful records of what everyone owed and how they paid their taxes. By Valerie age 11

Who were the west African record Keepers?

story tellers mainly

Who were west African record keepers?

story tellers mainly

What is another name for people who became professional record keepers?


What is another name for people that became professional record keepers?


What is a another name for people who became professional record keepers in Sumer?


What were the ancient record keeping of Egypt?

Scribes were the record keepers for Pharohs and Dignitaries.

What three things can Anne Frank recapture when she writes?

Hi In a answer to a previous question I used Ann Franks diaries as an example of how a diary can be used. The three ways a diary can be used are to make future appointments, as a day by day record of the diary keepers life and as a record of the history of the diary keeper, that can be used in the future to write a book of the keepers life. All of this information becomes the diary keepers intellectual property.

If you break me then I become better than I was before and I become even harder to break. What am I?


What is official the all time score in asteroids is it 41336440?

According to Twin Galaxies(and hence Guinness) Record keepers, that is correct. 41,336,440 is the late Scott Safran's 1982 "untouchable" Asteriods Record.