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Potatoes and refried beans

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Q: What are relationships in the ecosystem?
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What are the Different relationships in an ecosystem?

Relationships between an ecosystem::: Producers Consumers And Decomposers

Why do organisms in an ecosystem engage in relationships?

organisms in an ecosystem engage in relationships because they need partners or pairs so they can survive in the ecosystem

What is a diagram that sHow is the feeding relationships among organisms in an ecosystem?

a web for relationships among organisms in a ecosystem

Explain how the web of relationships gives an ecosystem its structure?

The web of relationships gives an ecosystem its structure and life. This will show the feeding relationships between producers, consumers and decomposers which will result into a balance in the ecosystem.

What are the symbiotic relationships in an ecosystem?


How do you interact with living and nonliving things in an ecosystem?

In a ecosystem in foodchains in relationships.

What are the types of relationships in the ecosystem?

They are BIOTIC and ABIOTIC.

What web gives the ecosystem its structure?


What is simbiosis?

the relationships between animals in an ecosystem.

What are the relationships among organisms?

The relationships among organisms is normally known as an ecosystem. The ecosystem of a place is regarded as stable when all organisms are doing well.

What relationships maintain balance within a ecosystem?


How does population size affect relationships in an ecosystem?

Population size has a massive effect on relationships in an ecosystem. If there are too many predators and not enough prey the predators will start attacking humans for example and the ecosystem will fall to chaos.

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