What are role-playing video games?

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Role playing video games are where you take on the role of a certain character in the game and you are usually trying to improve their skills and make certain achievments. Role playing video games are where you take on the role of a certain character in the game and you are usually trying to improve their skills and make certain achievments.
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What is a benefit from playing video games?

Revision 2 ---> Video Game Benefits... go here (both sides of the argument)- . http://thebenefitsofplayingvideogames.googlepages.com/. Revision 1 To be really honest, there isn't really much benefit other than being entertained. However, there are certain games out there with the intention of ( Full Answer )

Is playing video games a sin?

Answer . I wouldn't consider playing a video game a sin, but that doesn't mean it isn't. I can't remember ever reading anything in the Bible about video games or that could have been referring to them. (Of course, they would not be mentioned by name since they didn't have video games when the Bib ( Full Answer )

Who plays video games naked?

Nude Gaming . Probably the same reason people watch TV or walk around the house naked. Provided no one can see you, (otherwise it's called indecent exposure) you can pretty much do WHATEVER you want in your own place of residence. As far as why goes, I would say because it's comfortable and som ( Full Answer )

Do girls play video games?

Of course we do! Well some do, it's all up to your personality really. No body can tell us not to play games, and if they do, its because they don't want to get PWND by a girl and lose all of their pride and dignity. ;D

Why do girls play video games?

Girls play video games because they can. No one has the right to say they cannot play them. Girls can do whatever they want: play video games, become video game programmers, or whatever. : )

How do you play video games?

Well first you start off with a topic you like then you search for games similar to that topic. For example I like action games but I never liked the legend of Zelda 5 months later I was playing the legend of Zelda non stop. Hope this helps Subscribe on you tube (Jadon Young) follow on twitter (@Shm ( Full Answer )

How do you play video games online?

there is many website where you can play online video game. Just search in Google you will find many website.

Are video games good for you to play?

Answer 1 . Well video games help with hand-i-cordination. Answer 2 . They are entertaining but it is not good. It is a proven fact that playing video games for more than 30 minutes a day destroys cells in your hands. Although you can't see anything, radation is in the device and by you using it, ( Full Answer )

Why do you get angry when you play video games?

The problem lies in expectations. If you don't expect to win, you will not be frustrated by loss and not get angry. I've seen people who were loosing big time and still laughing in the process. High expectations combined with multiple losses can stretch the limits of your patience and thus gettin ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of playing video games?

Usually people would do it for hand-eye-coordination but i hear that it helps with memory and normally just to get better. Usually people would do it for hand-eye-coordination but i hear that it helps with memory and normally just to get better. (lol amnesia)

What are the effects of playing video games?

Using TV, video games and players,mobile phones, etc expose you to electromaganetic fields. In short, well you will be exposed to a lot of radiation i.e., infra red, mcrowaves, UV, etc. See information below Common types of non-ionizing radiation include some ultraviolet (UV) rays, visible light, ( Full Answer )

How do you play your brother's video games?

1.Get his phone and make it ring from a different room. Say loudly ,"Someone just texted you! She said 'So when do we kiss?' I'll reply for you!" That's bound to make 'em running. While he is looking for his phone, grab his games, and stuff them under your pillow. Then pretend to take a nap. When yo ( Full Answer )

How do you play a video game on paper?

Well, you just have to have a huge imagination. You can think of anything,there's endless possibilities. Any-hoo, if you can't think of anything or your brain doesn't work then go to wikihow and type in the little box: how to play a video game on paper. SIMPLE!!!!!!!

Can you get paid to play video games?

It is possible to be paid for playing video games, but you would have to sign up and be accepted into a company. They would then make you into a 'games tester' this means that you play the companies newest game and suggest what you found difficult and what you found easy. They then take this into ac ( Full Answer )

Why don't you play video games?

Because if you play Video games and saw Nude/sexual contents,scenesand graphics on the game youre going to get addicted masturbatingand playing that video game again and again

Why do you stop playing video games?

As we grow up we realize that there are more important things in life rather than playing video games. Another thing might be that people might not have time or interest in playing video games.

How do you video playing a video game?

it depends what console it is on but if it is on your computer, then install hypercam, its a really easy program to use and its free tv consoles then just get someone else to film it DS, there is a thing i cant remember what its called that u plug it into your computer, and then you can use hypercam ( Full Answer )

Why do play video game?

for fun to do awesome stuff that u cant do in real life, like MArio Cart racing ( raimbow road pwns!) and battling dragons.

What is a fun video game to play?

It depends on the genre you prefer. Here are some suggestions based on the top games of the last fewyears based on sales figures: . Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . Elder Scrolls Online . Minecraft . The Last Of Us . Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 & 2 . Call Of Duty Ghosts . Battlefield 3 & 4 . The Ass ( Full Answer )

Are video games fun to play?

It really depends because there are some games that are excellent and you could play them 24/7. There are some games that suck dirt or lower. If you are new to the gaming world, welcome, if you are not, how dare you ask such a question. Continuing as if you are new, I personally would recommend Mari ( Full Answer )

PS3 video game will not play game?

Do other games work? if they do the disk may be scratched, other then this dust might have gotten inside the ps3 disk drive, but most likely the disk is scratched.

Video games will not play on your Wii?

If you are having trouble play games on your Nintendo Wii, try cleaning the discs. Sometimes the littlest of dust can cause a disc read error. Also try updating your Wii to the latest firmware by connecting it to the internet. If you are still unable to play games, call Nintendo directly at 1-800-25 ( Full Answer )

How do you play video games on a computer?

An emulator can be used to run a ROM to play a virtual game (ROM)on a virtual system (EMULATOR.) Emulators often have specific file types they can run, but mostemulator/ROM sites will provide info of the corresponding emulator.

Is it okay to play video games?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to play video games. Despite what the media may say to demonize and blame video games, it has nothing to do with video games. Video games, as we all know, are fake. We know the difference between what's reality and what's fake. We all know, for example, that in Grand Theft ( Full Answer )

Is playing the video game a sport?

Gaming is a sport look at MLG. It is a competitive force going up another competitive force. Now the reason most people think it's not a sport is because there's no contact or movement required. Gaming is a sport whether you want to believe it or not. Answer 2: No. Sport requires active physica ( Full Answer )

Can you play video games on planes?

Video Games can be played on planes. You have to wait until the plane has lifted off and the pilot has said it is OK to turn on electronics. Only hand-held systems are allowed to be used in a plane. You may bring other systems with wires, but you cannot use them on a plane.

When do people play video games?

People sometimes play video games after a hard days work in school or at work. Some people just play when they're bored... Which is why I don't understand why they get easily bored.

Why do men play video games?

Men play video games because it helps them escape reality, also because we have got nothing better to do :)

What does role play mean in video games?

It means you play as a character with a unchangeable future in racing games you play on what ever track you want with whatever car you want and play which ever way you want but in rpg's (role playing games) like final fantasy it's more controlled

How do you play the video game Pong?

The most common way of playing the game pong is by using your mouse/controller. While moving your mouse/controller, a rectangular block on the screen will move with it, vertically. You use this block to deflect an incoming ball and bounce it to your opponents side of the screen. If you fail to defle ( Full Answer )

Are playing video games bad?

No I dont consider video games bad.. You just cant play them for 5 hours straight. You have to limit the hours you play.

Why is it good to play video games?

they can sometimes improve your reaction times, and sometimes improve your mental capability. Other than that, they can just be a good past-time, and can help sustain your sanity.

Why should you not play video games?

The only true answer to this is if you have had some sort of seizure. Video games are a hobby, they only become bad if you let them.

How would a role-playing video game be described?

Here, here's a way to describe it: Your character hits the enemy. After that, the enemy hits you, and so on. It goes on and on until one or the other is defeated. It depends on the video game. You could hit the enemy multiple times before the enemy attacks. That's how I would describe a role-playing ( Full Answer )

Are playing video games fun?

Well for some people it may be fun, for others it's not that amusing... It really does depend on your opinion. Sometimes if your thinking about buying a video game you can see what it's called and search on the internet for voters that rated it fun or not fun.

What websites can you play video games?

There are a number of websites that hosts video games. To avoid advertising and citing external websites, I'll teach you instead how to find the sites yourself. You can simply do a web search using a search engine. Simply go to your preferred search engine and type the keywords you would want. I ( Full Answer )

What is benefit of playing video games?

It depends on the game you played it.It could be sport,crime,quest,brain games,etc.But, the benefit you can find in the BRAIN GAMES is to warm up our minds with memories. :) it also helps you in the future when making life changing decisions.

Can Mormons play video games?

Yes. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) can play video games if they choose to. Most Mormons try to stay away from any games that are very graphic or violent.

Can you play video games in a cast?

sure yo im pretty sure that all depends on the game. I mean im in acast now and i can play xbox and other console games, i struggle onthe comp but i mean that all depends on the cast to. A full bodycast just aint gonna work ya feel aha

Why do people play video games?

Mainly for entertainment. Simply put, it's a hobby. Just like reading, fishing, or playing sports, it's a form of entertainment. Video games are a form of art through which you can experience a story interactively. Video games can also challenge you mentally through puzzles, or difficult scenario ( Full Answer )

What is the plot of the role playing video game Fallout 2?

Fallout 2 was released in 1998 and is the sequel to fallout 1. The game takes place 80 years after the events of Fallout 1. The player assumes the role of the "the chosen one" who's home is ravaged by drought. He is tasked to find the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) that will allow his home t ( Full Answer )

Why is playing a video game benefiicial?

Playing a video game can be beneficial - depending on the game you are playing! Action games such as Super Mario Bros or Call of Duty can improve your motor skills and reflexes, for example. As another example, puzzle games such as Angry Birds and Tetris can improve the player's critical thinking sk ( Full Answer )