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Most fertilizers will contain some amount of phosphates and nitrates. Both of which are food for algae. The best method is to have the fertilizer applied using a drop spreader (not a rotary spreader). Water the fertilizer into the lawn/garden areas. Prevent walking on the fertilized area for several days. If phosphates get high in the pool/spa then you can use a phosphate remover to lower the quantity in the water.

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Q: What are safe fertilizers or fertilizing techniques to use around pools to eliminate the chances for high phosphate levels and a green pool?
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Why is a phosphate in fertilizer?

In most current fertilzers Phosphate has been taken out. Usually it is only in there to encourage root develpment. Most fertilizers for established grass no longer have phosphate in them (and if they do it is a pretty small percentage). The only fertilizers out there where the phosphate percentage is still high are seed starting fertilizers.

Which one of the following ions is commonly present in fertilizers bromide chloride hydroxide phosphate?

Of bromide, chloride, hydroxide, and phosphate, the ion commonly present in fertilizers is phosphate. typical fertilizers are given 3 numbers to identify the components (such as 10-10-10). The middle number is phosphate.

Who uses phosphate?

Phosphate is used by farmers in fertilizers for healthy growth of plants and/or crops.

What are causes of phosphate pollution?

lawn and garden fertilizers.

Which three acids are uses in fertilizers?

The three acids that are used in fertilizers are phosphate, potash, and nitrogen.

Can you replace dipotassium phosphate with potassium dihydrogen phosphate?

This depends on your application and needs; as fertilizers, no problems.

Where was ammonium phosphate found?

ammonium phospahet is found in fertilizers

Is phosphate found in agriculture?

Phosphates are very common fertilizers.

Is phosphate used in agriculture?

Yes, phosphates are used as fertilizers.

Phosphate is a chemical compound used in?

Phosphates are commonly used in fertilizers.

What are NPK fertilizers?

N=Nitrogen P=Phosphate K= potash

Which minerals are used in fertilizers?

Phosphate minerals like monazite and apatite.

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