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Well scene kids are ALL different, but most are shy, quiet and so on. Most of us just write out all our emotions in poems. Also the due from screaming in most indie/screamo songs is because during the screaming we can let go all our emotions.

WOW u are off man! you are describing emo!!!!! emo and scene are way different ,emo ppl are basicly how that person ontop says, dark and shy. but scene kidz are mostly all colorfull and ravelike with amaizing hair (mostly multycolored) just look it up on you tube

yup. top person is wrong!
person above me is right scene kids are ravelike and colorful
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What is a scene kid?

Scene is a creative new fashion statement, simply because it's anti-fashion! Usually consists of 1 or more colors in the hair, band t-shirts worn habitually, and loud music coming from over sized headphones. Not to be confused with emotionalists (' emos '), who, in addition to dressing darkly, per ( Full Answer )

How do you be a scene kid - 58k?

Being a scene kid doesn't have any real answer to it. "Scene kid" is a label. So start off by not calling yourself a scene kid. Hmm I'm gonna try and explain this the best I can. Scene kids are very very VERY VERY VERY confident. [[That is very important to having the attitude of a scene kid]] ( Full Answer )

What are scene kids?

Scene kids wear bright colours, have awesome hardcore hairstyles and use slang like HxC, SxE rad Etc.

How do you have scene kid hair?

Basically all you have to do is tell your stylist to give you lots of layers. Make sure they're shorter on top and a long length on the bottom. If you have a good picture to show, make sure to bring it. Other wise, the person might make you look like you have a mullet when in fact you just wan ( Full Answer )

Where do scene kids shop?

"Scene" girls shop mainly at hot topic, zumies, girlprops.com, beautifulwickedness.com, also at yrbnyc.com(yellow rat bastard), and much more. "scene" guys shop at hottopic, zumies, yellow rat bastard, and more. i hope i helped you out.(:

What do scene kids look like?

Pretty much just ordinary people that like the nicer things in life. they are like emo people but more like punk they have there hair in layers ( girls) and they.Only were trains and t-shirt and skinny leggings there were very black not crazy eye shadow but a lot hope this helps :) :) :)

What do scene kids wear?

1. Bright colorful skinny jeans 2. Bat neckles with diamond neckles made by kiki kanibal 3. Band t-shirts/ Example: 3h0!3 Hello kitty Never shout never ex. 4. Vans/ Ballet flats/ Nike's Converse 5. piercings: Snake bites/ Spider bites/ Angel bites/ Heaven bites/ Lip ring/ Spectum There you h ( Full Answer )

What do scene kids listen to?

Blood On The Dance Floor(BOTDF) Nickasaur Avenged Sevenfold The Ready Set The Kooks The Beatles (some times) Lykke Li Fall Out Boy Panic! At The Disco brokeNCYDE The Killers I am X Ray Neon Trees 30 Seconds To Mars Muse Maroon 5 (some Times) Death Cab For Cutie Anya Marina Never Shout Never Hollywoo ( Full Answer )

Where do you find scene kids?

Well that's hard to actually tell since they are merely everywhere but here are a few of where Scene kids can be. 1.) Concerts(main location) 2.) Theme Parks 3.) large shopping malls 4.) movie theatures 5.) arcades( Dave and Busters, Main Event, .ect) - - - - I agree with the "concert" thing, but ( Full Answer )

What if you feel to fat to be a scene kid?

Scene has become very popular and is something everyones trying to be. . Just be yourself. Wear what yew want and listen to the music yew like because believe me yew'll just end up with a bunch of fake eyelashes and friends. . But really noone is too fat for anything If it fits and it looks good ( Full Answer )

Do scene kids wear hats?

VERY, VERY rarely. Usually we only wear them if our roots are showing, and when that happens we tend to wear bows, flowers, and sparkly/colorful headbands and we super-size them too depending on the occasion or how bad our hair is or something, it could just be how it goes with our outfit too. When ( Full Answer )

What hats do scene kids wear?

Scene kids wear beannie hats, and lately monster hats. You can finda lot of them on websites such as little blackcherry or hot topic.Places like that. :-)

What are some scene kid websites?

One of the best scene kid website is: http://grou.ps/thesceneteenz Its the #1 social scene website. You'll have trust me! :)

Can you be a black scene kid?

Lawwl Of course you can be a black scene kid You just have to know how to pull it off If you need help with it feel free to ask me :]

Do scene kids have to have teased hair?

Of course not... Being scene is all about being unique.. You can do what ever you want with your hair.. Sometimes its better, even if all the other scene kids out there are teasing their hair, to not do it.. so that you are not conforming with the 'scene stereotype' :)

Do scene kids play sports?

yes, they do. this is becoming a new trend for scene kids. most scene kids play sports to keep fit and skinny these sporty scenekids probably wear tracksuit pants and t-shirts,

Should you be a scene kid if your eleven?

Well i stared being scene at age ten.And if your parents let you do your makeup like it and dress like like it then go for it!!(just dont become a poser!!!!!!!)you can look on wikihow.com for help

Who are the main scene kids Like i know Zui Suicide and Alex Evans but who else?

Ultimate Scene Queen? Audrey Kitching of course! Check her out, she models for Skelanimals (hope i spelled that right). Oh and also Jefree Starr.. there are loads but more of the main ones are kiki kannibal...hanna beth...jac vanek and that's all i can think of right now but there are more

Do scene kids have to be skinny?

Well most Scene kids ussually are skinny bc to be able to pull off the look ( skin tight shirts and pants and other accesories) you ussually have o be able to look good in them... but a few of my friends happen to be larger then me ( they are not fat just.. large) and they pull off the look great bc ( Full Answer )

Scene kids in Costa Rica?

im FROM Costa Rica and im not one for labels but im scene,im going there in the next year and so is green day! hope i can see them

What is the definition of a scene kid?

poofy neon coontailish hair,neon clothes,piercings,screamo,deathcore,hardcore,straightedge,pyscho,crazy,funny,hatesposers,facebook,twitter,myspace,bebo?,techno,makeup,chunkyneonjewellery, look them up they have loads of definitions but personally those are the main features in meh =) there is no s ( Full Answer )

How can you be a scene kid?

i guess im what you could call a scene kid(: so i can answer this. scene kids are confident but not so confident that they think their better than every other person on the planet. nobody is perfect, not even us scenies. hahah. for music, i would go with screamo, electriconica, etc. for the most par ( Full Answer )

Are there kid scene models?

Well, depends what age. you can start to be a Scene Model at about age 13 Yes, there are lots or scene kid models..some just don't get rlly noticed until about 16...for instance Jenn curbstomp & Emily springer Jenn 16 Emily 15 but yeahhh there are a few that i know of and yes u can start when yo ( Full Answer )

Do most scene kids smoke?

If what you mean is most celebrities, the answer is undefined.. People often turn to smoking and drinking when they feel stressed or e lot of preasure. This is a very common feeling for people in the spotlight, and it might be easier for them to turn to unhealthy solutions like smoke and such...

How do scene kids fix there hair?

I'm what you'd consider a scene kid so lets see if I can help(: I straighten it so its super straight and I use a gel to protect it and help it be more....Straight? haha So after that I separate my long layers from my short layers and I tease it like crazy Teasing is brushing it bakwards so it stick ( Full Answer )

What are the different types of scene kids?

emo-not really scene, but they listen to underground music andare usually associated with being sad. . glamcore-these are the super rich kinds of scene kids and theywear alot of big labels like chanel ad Louis vuton . scemo-cross between scene and emo . retro-kids that wear 80's style clothes, li ( Full Answer )

Can scene kids shop at aeropostale?

Well..... We wear watever we want.... but most of the times we wear band T-s....... :)(: Anything yew feel lyk wearing go ahead..... its what U want not what OTHERS want.. dont be a follower be a leader... :)(: Gud Luck.! :D

Who are scene kids hereo's?

Lexi Lush Hanna Beth Vanna Venom Zui Suicide Audrey Kitching etcc.. Aaand mi personaal favee Brookelle Bones Gooole theem! :))

Can Scene Kids Wear Aeropostale?

No, scene kids cannot wear Aeropostale. There are no band t-shirts in an aeropostale store and the jeans are not nearly tight enough for a scene kid to be wearing. Why bother shopping in Aeropostale when the local Hot Topic store is probably just around the corner in the mall?

Where do scene kids get there bows from?

There are many places to buy them. =3 I personally, think Hot Topic is a great place for them. Also, if you look at kids' stores, like Gymboree, etc, they usually have some big colorful ones. x]

How do you get a scene kid photo shop?

LOLZZ theres no such thing as "scene kid photoshop" silly! i use photoshop 2009 editon whic is the newest! its ahh-mazing:) its about 20$ or 30$.

How did scene kids come to be?

Scene kid's to me are kind of like emo kids but they don't cut their wrists. They wear pretty much the same clothing, jewlery, make-up ect. Music may differ from scene and emo. Scene kids are the best.

Why do kids movies have depressing scenes?

A very good question! For generations certain topics were absoluteluy (Hands Off) for juvenile fare on movies and TV- suicide, fatal accidents involving children, Harrowing depressive plots, etc. One might add the television drama ( and it was deep drama indeed, aided by lugubrious sound effects and ( Full Answer )

How thin are scene kids?

Scene kids can be any weight. I'm 13 and underweight but because I was born premature. I have a scene friend who's obese, and I have another scene friend who is normal weight. Really, anybody, scene or not, may judge you for your weight but you can be any weight and still be scene. =]

What music do scene kids like?

The most popular band in the stereotypical "Scene Kid" or "Crunkcore Kid" scene is probably Brokencyde (abbreviated BC13). Brokencyde belongs to a genre called "Crunkcore" it is a mix between two genres; Screamo and Crunk. Other bands include: Dot Dot Curve Scene Kidz 3oh!3

What should you do if your only 12 and would like to be a scene kid?

Ok so at first when i was 11 i found out what the scene fashion was and i started listening to screamo,deathcore and that sort of music.I poofed my hair up and everything that they do and i started to be more random than i was ^_^But than i think back then "Man i was such a poser!" because than i ac ( Full Answer )

How can you become as skinny as a scene kids?

If you're fat, you really shouldn't try to become one of us, but if you really wanted to, you could go vegetarian or vegan like most of us already do.

What is the history of scene kids?

well the history of a scene kid is, that its a trend and it a really colourful style its cute, bright and fun!

What is pricier scene kids or scene queens?

Scene kids and scene "queens" aren't really different. Scene "queens" are scene kids that think they're better then the rest of our scene society. You mostly have to earn it, even though some claim to be it when they're not. Scene "queens" tend to have bigger and more colorful hair then the rest, we ( Full Answer )

What defines a scene kid?

A scene kid is defined by choppy rad hair (mostly black or bleach blond with different colors), loves black with bright splashes of color, and skinny jeans. Scene is a style not to be confused with emo. Emo is a state of mind short for emotional.

What is classed as scene kids?

Scene kids are not emos or goths they are kids who wear dark makeup and stuff. They are equally the same as us, apparently a couple of girls made it up a few years ago.

What are all the scene kids names?

-Katie Babyfayce -Brookelle Bones -Dakota Rose -LedaMonsterBunny -Jenn Curbstomp -Barbie Beatdown -HannaBeth -Hannie Dropkick -Melissa Marie -MelissaLuffsyou -Zui Suicide -Raquel Reed -Justine Jellybean -Izzi Murder -Dani Gore -Twigg Violence -Audrey Kitching -Jac Vanek -Kiki Kannibal -Coloured Ange ( Full Answer )

What is the correct meaning of a scene kid?

A scene kid is a person who wears a style that echoes rock, alternative, and metal style music. Dyed hair and accessories like bandanas are common parts of the style.