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many hores may shy away act up, and just plain not be him/herself keep a close eye on the horse to see if ti gets any fatteranround the back part of its body

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Q: What are signs that your horse could be pregnant?
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Will a horse show signs of being in heat if they are pregnant?

A horse should not show signs of being in heat if they are pregnant. A pregnant mare will secrete hormones that prevent her from coming into heat for the duration of her pregnancy must like a human cannot have a menstrual cycle when they are pregnant.

You had a period but you have some signs of pregnancy could you be pregnant?

no you got your period so your not pregnant.

What signs tell when the pregnant horse is due?

a mares pregnancy is approximately 11 months, more or less.

Signs your horse might be pregnant?

They have hard and distended abdomens, tend to get lazy, and are sometimes especially skittish.

Im showing signs of starting period but you just finished 2 weeks ago and showed no signs when you were starting could you be pregnant?

Showing signs? Meaning cramping? or spotting? Was the first period normal? If you had unprotected sex than yes you "could" be pregnant. Stress from thinking your pregnant can also bring such symptoms.

You have signs of being pregnant but you had a light period and 3 test came up negative could you still be pregnant?


Can a horse act like it is in heat if it is pregnant.?

Yes, it could if the symptoms of coming in heat (like moodyness and anything not physical like winking )have become routine. However, if the horse is winking or has other physical signs of being in heat, it is always a good thing to get the vet out.

If your on the contraceptive patch and bleeding could you still be pregnant if you have all the other signs?

The signs of pregnancy are a missed period and/or positive pregnancy test. Take a pregnancy test to see if you're pregnant.

What are the signs that someone is pregnant?

There are a few signs that show that someone could be or is pregnant. Such signs include the missing of one's period, having to urinate more often, mood swings, nausea and vomiting, and tender, sore, or tingling breasts to name a few.

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period but no signs of pregnancy for 2 weeks?

yes - take a test

If you are discharging heavy can you be pregnant?

Early heavy discharges are not always signs of pregnancy, it could be a infection, nausea and mood swings are the real signs of pregnancy.

How many weeks is a horse pregnant for?

A horse is pregnant for 9-10 months.

Does a horse bite if she is pregnant?

the answer is yes, a horse does bite if she i pregnant, but all horses bight, it doesn't matter if she is pregnant or not, trust me on that, i have had my share of horse bites.

Could you be pregnant if you are 2 weeks late for your period and you have ovulating signs?

Yes you could be pregnant. Increased cervical mucus is a pregnancy sign its also a sign of a thrush infection or ovualtion.

Can you ride a pregnant miniature horse?

If you normally ride her, then I'm sure you could for a few months into her pregnancy. However, after a while it may become too much for her. Pay attention to her and pay close attention to her sweating more than usual, showing signs of pain, etc. If you haven't ridden her before she was pregnant, I wouldn't advise it now. No!DONT RIDE THE HORSE.

If you go pee and after you wipe there is a lot of mucis on the toilet paper is that a sign you could be pregnant?

Yes, this could be one of the first signs of pregnancy. Though this could go either way, check for other signs as well!

While pregnant can you horse ride?

You can ride a horse while pregnant. Humans can ride while pregnant also.

Could you be pregnant since you have had headaches and a cold sore?

Cold sores and headaches are not typically signs of pregnancy.

Does a pregnant horse continue to horse?

No usually, once animals are pregnant they will no longer have a cycle.

Could you be pregnant with a negative result and have all the symptoms?

Sometimes the urine test kit from the chemist might be old so you will get wrong reading, as the other signs are there you could very well be pregnant.

If you have polystatis ovarties and you have all the signs of preg can you be preg or could it be fantoum pregnancy and what the chances of being preg?

You could possibly be pregnant. Your chances of being pregnant are high. You can still have a baby with this disorder.

Could bigger areolas and your breasts feeling heavier be early signs of pregnancy?

These could be early signs of pregnancy but they are also signs of premenstrual symptoms. So unless you have missed your period, I wouldn't count on breast changes as proof positive that you are pregnant.

Signs of horse belly ache?

the horse might colic

What is the 2 weeks signs of pregnant?

There are no visual signs at that stage.

If your areolas are bigger and darker could you be pregnant?

yes you could be that's 1 of the signs of pregnancy i wud take a test good luck