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Over protection of their cell phone and other personal items like wallets or purses. Unexpected or unexplained nights away, at 'Friends'. Accusing YOU of being unfaithful. If they can do it, they will presume you could too. If you're a woman, follow your gut instinct. IF SINGLE: Breaking dates Not keeping in touch with you during the week (usually a guy you are dating will ask you out for the weekend) Always out with his buddies Not interested in what you have to say Doesn't bother to ask what is going on in your life Isn't interested in your friends Is lethargic, moody when with you Doesn't remember your birthday or other special occasions MARRIED: The smell of perfume Check for lipstick on especially his shirts Calls in the evening and the person hangs up Phone #'s your husband has and he doesn't explain whose they are You can always check his emails or any boards he is on online Receipts from hotels or motels Keep an eye on your Visa card for any transactions for jewelry, motels, hotels, rented vehicles, etc. Working more over-time than he use too Forgetting your birthday or anniversary (some men can forget and it doesn't mean they are cheating, but they will make up for it.) Not interested in any aspect of your life such as how your day went, if you want to go out for an evening or have friends over. A lack of interest in you, or having your friends over for a nice evening Never taking you out for dinner or a movie These are but a few, but usually, if most women have a gut instinct follow through on it, but be warned, be sure you have proof and don't be the over-zealous type (or over jealous) and ruin your relationship. Before you jump to conclusions it's type you both brushed up on your communication skills. So sit down one night and have a nice quiet chat and discuss your relationship. --------- Some signs of cheating are: * keeping to themselves * skipping dates * not answering calls * not making any plans with you But if you think your man is cheating on you, then talk to him about it NO MATTER WHAT. You have to talk to him. And if he says "I'm not cheating on you", and you still feel like he is, then he isn't right for you. -------------

Some outward signs of a cheating partner is a sudden change in his weight (he decides to lose the love handles) - he starts paying more attention to his grooming, may even get a new hair style and/or wardrobe. Being secretive with phone calls or you may start experiencing hang ups - when you answer the phone.

Frequent needs to "run out" for an errand that takes hours rather than minutes or time missed from work with no answers for the absence.

More or less attention to you in the bedroom (sometime guilt makes him more attentive) sudden "new moves" or inability to perform. Saying someone else's name during sex.

Credit card charges that have no explanation. Or buying you gifts or flowers for no reason, that is out of character. (GUILT!)

Spending more time "at work", with no overtime in the paycheck.

These are some outward signs but are not all or not always an indication of a cheater. Unless you have had prior reason not to trust him he deserves the benefit of the doubt -

Talk to him about what you have noticed (without accusing), discuss someone else's cheating partner with him and how you feel about it, ask him what he thinks about the "friend" - watch him carefully when he answers.

Do not accuse unless you are ready to live with the repercussions. It is extremely hurtful to be wrongly accused.

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Q: What are signs your man is cheating?
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There are many physical signs that a man is cheating on you. If he does not have sex with you. If he does not talk to you that much then he might be cheating.

How to know when your man is cheating?

When your man is cheating, there are some signs that can be seen such as:uninterested in activities with youignoranceno longer affectionatedistant

What are signs that your man is cheating?

if you are generally unappelling and he doesn't spend any time with you

How do you know a man is cheating what are the signs?

they try staying away from you and they are always "busy"

How do you tell when a man is'NT living with you and he is cheating on you?

Thats a hard question to answer... You will see signs they could be subtle signs and/or right in your face signs. If you feel he is cheating, maybe you and him need more time together to talk it through or a break from each other.

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Signs that she's cheating at work may be lots of late nights

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Yes. Cheating is cheating.

What are the signs that he is cheating on you?

He did not tell the truth

What are the signs if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

He accuses u

Is aggression a sign of guilt when a man is asked if he cheated what other signs would a man who feels guilty be showing?

He might be extra nice to you, but if you think he is cheating, have a friend he doesn't know follow him for a time. If he is cheating, dump him IMMEDIATELY, BECAUSE HE IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.

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their behaviour became so strange

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Cheating is cheating, and I think a spouse is hurt whether the cheating is with a man or a woman.

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Wrong question!!! You should be asking for signs that he IS cheating. There are no signs that someone is NOT doing something.

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leaving a lot calling some one and if he really is cheating smack the hell out of her and him

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if he hisbeing nicer or he is spending More time with you or saying u are cheating.

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See if he has got any perfume smells on him and when he is in shower, turn over his undies and the next day when he goes to shower again, see if his undies are turned over. If it is turned over then he is cheating.

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Your man is not cheating if he is spending quality time with you. No one spends it if he is not serious/

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doesnt pay as much attention to you as she did.

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A cheating bi-sexual.

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