Birth Defects

What are some Brain Defects?

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What effect does alcohol have on birth or birth defects?

Brain defects

Can internal bleeding of the brain in an infant at birth cause long lasting illness or defects?

Yes it can. It depends on the amount. The infant brain has some capability to heal itself.

What are some defects of the eyes?

Blind spots, limited frequency range, initial coding of data before sending data to the brain.

How many babies are born with brain defects in a year?

Twenty out of fifty

What are some common eye defects?

some common eye defects are:shortsightedness, longsightedness and astigmatism.

What causes seizures in dogs?

Some dogs with birth defects can have seizures, and also some dogs with brain problems could have seizures. I think dogs with asma can have seizures too.

Is schizophrenia a birth defect in the brain?

Schizophrenia is probably not a birth defect, as many cases of schizophrenia do not have any physical defects of the brain.

How does alzheimer's affect the nervous system?

it defects the brain so you cant function the same

Why does brain damage due to injuries disease or birth defects have such a serious consequence on our lives?

it causes your brain to not work tht much for example say this kid had brain damage his brain would not work as good as your brain

What are example of ear defects?

Some examples of ear defects are Anotia and Microtia.

What birth defects can cause mental retardation?

Birth defects that cause physical deformities of the head, brain, and central nervous system frequently cause mental retardation.

Do STDs cause birth defects?

Some STDs do cause birth defects and complications.

Can you take tramadol hcl if you are breastfeeding?

noabsolutely not it could cause brain defects or seizers in the infant

Paralysis due to developmental defects in the brain or trauma at the time of birth?

Cerebral palsy (CP)

What is the medical term meaning herniation of the brain?

Encepalocele is the medical term meaning herniation of the brain. It is in a group of conditions known as neural tube defects.

What can cause seizures?

Seizures are manifestation of the uncoordinated electrical discharges in the brain. There are a lot of possible cause for this. Some may be congenital defects, electrolite imbalances, abrupt temperature change, poisoning, trauma to the brain and oxygen deprivation to name a few.

What happens if you do not get enough of folic acid?

Folate deficiency may lead to glossitis, diarrhea, depression, confusion, anemia, and fetal neural tube defects and brain defects (during pregnancy).

What effect does microwave radiation have on your brain health?

A microwave may cause brain tumors, cancer, cataracts, a weakened immune system, and even birth defects.

Why does brain damage due to injuries diseases or birth defects have such a serious consequence on your lives?

Their damage is irreversible.

Are the defects in behavior intensified as you grow older?

Defects in behavior are intensified as a person gets older in some people. In others, the defects lessens and is less noticeable.

How do you prevent posture defects?

Posture defects can be corrected by physio Therapy. In some cases surgery may be needed for necessary adjustment or correction of posture defects.

What are the two most common forms of neural tube defects?

The two most common forms of neural tube defects are spina bifida and anencephaly (having been born with no brain in the skull).

Can raccoons have birth defects?

Some do. Not all.

How long does marijuana stay in a unborn child?

long enough 2 give them brain damage and birth defects

What are some birth defects you get from gonorrhea?

Birth defects from gonorrhea can result in eye infections, pneumonia or other complications.