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What are some COD 5 ds glitches?


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September 13, 2011 7:02PM

One is in Jungle. In the middle, there is a tank. its gun barrel will be pointing to a skinny tree beside a sharp rock. What you do is to run up the sharp rock and into the big one at the top. Glitch difficulty: EASY,EASY, AND A LITTLE MORE EASY!!!!!!

The next is in Island. You will see a very big building. to the very right of it is a ramp. If you go up the ramp, you can go a little forward, and you will see a barrier. what you do is run up the ramp at an angle so you run into the right of the barrier, and when that happens you must keep going forward, but still right.Then you will be able to walk out behind the barrier. Glitch difficulty: Medium.

There is also one in Palace. to do this, go out to where there are four corners with four pillars.I recommend one without a box by it.You must run up the point of the pillar. Once you are in it,you must crouch and move forward until you get to the stairs. when you fall, you must move right. It will take some tries, but once you do it, you will be in the ground, and you can go way out from the Palace. Glitch difficulty: Hard.

Another is at Hill 26. Go to the big rock with the sign that says H26. You must run into the right side of it.When you fall you must move left, and you will be in the rock and you can shoot anyone that comes along. Glitch difficulty: Easy.

I know eleven more glitches, two in Missed Delivery, one in Nuclear Secrets, but I decided just to show these four. From pro wi-fi winner, HI-DEF.