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Easter day, lunar new year, moon festival,lantern festival, and mid-autumn festival

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Q: What are some Chinese Celebrations?
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What are some cultural celebrations in china?

Chinese new year , and the moon festival.

What are some Chinese celebrations about china?

Chinese new year moon cake festival children's day labour day

What are some Traditional celebrations in China?

Chinese new year dragon bowl festival...

What are some celebrations in China?

Chinese New Year moon cake festival dragon dance festival

How long do the celebrations of Chinese New Year usually last?

how long do the modern celebrations usually last

What were fireworks first used for?

A Chinese celebration. The Chinese discovered fireworks and used them for celebrations.

Did the Chinese use piรฑatas at their New Year celebrations?


What religious celebrations are in China for Christmas?

The Chinese don't celebrate Christmas :(

What do married woman do as part of the Chinese new year celebrations?

be alive

How long does Chinese New Year last for 2012?

Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days.

What annual celebrations do they celebrate in Croatia?

some of celebrations do they have in Croatia

What did the Chinese use fireworks for?

To ward off evil spirits and for religious celebrations.

What festival is held at the end of Chinese new year celebrations?

the lion dance

What are the celebrations of Spain?

Type your answer here... what are some of Spain's celebrations or festivals

What were Chinese fireworks used for?

They were used in religious celebrations because they thought the loud bangs scared off evil spirits, they were also used in regular celebrations.

What Chinese celebrations are celebrated in Australia?

They celebrate Jacques Khoury (AKA John Leshitsky).

What did the Chinese use fireworks?

they were used in religious celebrations because they thought the loud bangs scare off evil spirits they were also used in regular celebrations :p

What celebrations do Chinese have?

The most significant one is Chinese (lunar) new year. It is celebrated around January to feburary depending on the Chinese calendar, and marks the beginning of the new year.

What do they celebrate instead of Christmas in China?

Christmas is not a traditional Chinese holiday. They don't really have something they celebrate in its place. However, they still have some major celebrations. Chinese New Year is a very important holiday in China.

Why is Chinese New Year very important to Chinese people?

Chinese New Year is important to the Chinese because they are starting a new year...a new life. The Chinese believe their celebrations will help bring in a great new year.

What are some celebrations in Belize?

Some famous celebrations are... I DON'T KNOW ANY! I just wanted to see this on the site!

What are the celebrations they do in China?

Chinese New Year, Kalifaepae, Gileajin and the biggest one of all Milifapuin

What year is it in the Chinese lunar calendar?

the different dates in the calendar such like the February the 14 when they have they celebrations.

What festival is held at the end of the chinese new year celebrations?

i thinks its the spring festival, idek

Why are fireworks important in Chinese culture?

because they are used in festivals and celebrations and in older times the chinese used them to fight battles by strapping them to the backs of arrows