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Aguadiente is a national drink, then cholada, salpicon, and aguapanela are all good non-alcoholic drinks. Once you search those you will find others.

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When was Anglo Colombian School created?

Anglo Colombian School was created in 1956.

Does the average Colombian know English?

Yes the average colombian person speaks some English because we learn English since we are in elementary school. It is a must.

What is the motto of Anglo Colombian School?

Anglo Colombian School's motto is 'Gentes Morescue Docento Uingumus'.

Should chocolate and fizzy drinks be allowed in school?

Some people think they should be, and some don't.

What are some Colombian dances?

The Hokey Pokey

What are some major colombian sports?


What are some Colombian Hobbies?

playing soccer and boxing

What are some Colombian crafts?

i dont know why you asking me

What is the name of the Colombian war?

The Colombian war is often refered to as the Colombian War

What is the law governing food and drinks in the high school chemistry lab?

Food and drinks are not allowed in the high school chemistry lab.

What are some types of drinks?

There are many types of drinks. Some examples are: water, soda, juice, and energy drinks.

What are some famous Colombian flowers?

Roses, Orchids and Birds of Paradise

What are some Colombian dessert recipes?

chocolate cherry berry fruitcake

What are some of Columbia's holidays?

well, there are two colombian independence days

What are some popular Colombian girl names?

There are many popular Colombian girls names. Some of the most popular in Columbia are Laura, Carolina, Natalia, Lorena, Paula, Sandra, Andrea, Maria and Juliana.

How do you say 'Colombian' in Spanish?


When did Colombian real end?

Colombian real ended in 1837.

What is the population of Colombian people?

Colombian people's population is 48,000,000.

What are some funny slogans in you run for school secretary?

(hang over drinking fountain) free drinks on me! Vote ______ for secretary!

What are some sports drinks?

Sport drinks are Gatorade and Powerade

Who are some famous Colombian women?

Sofia Vergara is a famous Colombian model, tv hostess, actress, and comedian. You may recognize her from the popular show "Modern Family". Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (Shakira), is a famous Colombian singer and dancer. She has produced many records. Colombian women are known for being exceptionally attractive. In a Miss Travel poll of Americans, Colombian was voted the most attractive nationality for women.

How many school days in a year? depends on your location. For example, I'm Colombian person, in my country we have 186 school days in a year! sad, isn't it?

What are some Colombian baby girl names?

Lena Pilar Patricia Maria

What is a Colombian drug cartel city?

What is the Colombian Drug Cartel City>

What is the duration of Colombian Postcards?

The duration of Colombian Postcards is 1.57 hours.

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