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eddie bauer has a varity of baby products but the most popular are car seats, and stroller combinations, diaper bags, playards, portable beds, and a wood furniture collection

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Q: What are some Eddie Bauer baby products?
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Does Eddie Bauer make jeans for kids?

Unfortunately Eddie Bauer is not carrying a kids line at this time. You can find shoes and some baby appearal and find gently used items online.

What are some clothing stores that begin with the letter E?

· Eddie Bauer · Express

Where can one purchase an Eddie Bauer booster car seat?

Eddie Bauer booster car seats can be bought at several retailers. Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Toys R Us are some national retailers. One can also order directly for the Eddie Bauer website.

What are some of the models of strollers Eddie Bauer produces?

Eddie Bauer produces multiple models of strollers. Some of those model names are Adventurer Sport, Destination, Trailmaker, Destination and All Terrain Tandem Stroller.

What are some of the features of the Eddie Bauer Stroller?

Eddie Bauer strollers do indeed have a great reputation. The higher costs is justified as they are made with extra sturdy material so you can be assured your child will be safe.

What are some product names that start with the letter e?

eBay,Eddie Bauer,Exxon,

Does Eddie Bauer make toys and games for kids?

Eddie Bauer makes great clothing for kids but they do not make toys. They do, however, make shoes, backpacks, and some gear such as trekking poles for both boys and girls.

Who is Eddie Bauer?

Eddie Bauer Holdings is a descendant of former top US direct retailer Spiegel. The holding company is the parent of the Eddie Bauer retail business, which sells outdoorsy apparel and accessories through catalogs, online, and at some 390 stores throughout North America. Eddie Bauer also licenses its name for eyewear, furniture, bicycles, and Ford SUVs. About a quarter of Eddie Bauer's sales come from catalogs and its Web site. Spiegel filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and later sold its Spiegel and Newport News catalogs to Golden Gate Capital for about $82 million. The company, which reorganized and emerged from Chapter 11 as Eddie Bauer Holdings in June 2005, rejected a $286 million takeover deal in 2007.

What are some stores that begin with the letter E?

· Econofoods · Eddie Bauer · Electronics Express · Ethan Allen · Express

What are some popular Diesel baby products?

There are many popular Diesel baby products. Some examples of popular Diesel baby products include baby pants, baby sweaters, baby shirts, baby socks, and baby jackets.

Was the 2007 Ford Explorer available in an Eddie Bauer edition?

Yes the 2007 Ford Explorer was available in an Eddie Bauer edition. There are extra exterior and interior features as well as the Ford Safety Canopy System. Some of the exterior features are extra trim, chrome grille, & 17" aluminum wheels. Some of the interior features are woodgrain accents and leather-trimmed seats.

Which Johnson's Baby products are suitable for a child under the age of six months?

There are several Johnson's baby products that are suitable for a child under the age of six months old. Some of these products include baby lotion, baby powder, and baby shampoo.

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