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I don't think the French are missing any of their words.

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Q: What are some English words that are borrowed from the French language?
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Words in English borrowed from other language?


When did the English borrow the French language?

Assuming by "borrow" adopt is meant, never. Beginning with the Norman Conquest in 1066, a Germanic-influenced form of Old French, called Norman French became the official language of England although Latin was used in law and in ecclesiastical circles. This led to the eventual emergence of Modern English, which has many French words and uses some French grammar, but it has to be remembered that English has borrowed words from many languages, and French words in English use have come into the language at different times and from different dialects. Answer The English borrowed French for a short time, but gave it back.

What are words have the English language borrowed from the Italian language?

pasta, pizza, spaghetti,

What words have a silent terminal t?

The silent terminal t is a French characteristic, and in the English language it is found only in words that have been borrowed from the French, such as coup d'état, or Stephen Colbert.

Is madam singular form?

Yes. Madam is singular, the plural form is "mesdames." It's actually a French word that we borrowed. Many words in the English language are borrowed from other languages.

What are the English words borrowed from tagalog language?

boondocks cooties & yoyo

Why is English language called a language with the most borrowed words?

We tend to have words that are taken from other languages . like «no» in spanish is still «no» in english.

What two words borrowed from the Spanish language and used within the English language?

Burrito and Patio (:

What are two words borrowed from the Spanish language and used within the English language?

Siesta Armada

Is many english words have been borrowed from french a detail?

Yes this is true. Adorable is a French and English word for example.

What countries do some common English words originate from?

English is a West-Germanic language, and consequently has many words that are similar to modern German. The biggest impact on the English language was the Norman Conquest, when the French invaded England in 1066. This French occupation caused English to change drastically over the next few hundred years, and the language acquired much of French's Latin and Greek influences. The English language is constantly expanding, containing borrowed words from all the other major languages. As a result, English is the largest language in the world.

What English words are in the french language?

Words such as T-shirt, weekend, baby sitter, airbag, flirt are in the French language.