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Q: What are some Insufficient protein in the diet may manifest itself in several ways?
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What is a sentence that can go with the word manifest?

"I watched the spirit manifest itself before me,OR,her anxiety manifest itself in her incessant hair twirling.

What is a sentence with the word manifest in it?

'I watched the spirit manifest itself before me, OR, her anxiety manifested itself in her incessant hair-twirling.

How can you be allergic to protein?

It's impossible to be allergic to protein itself, although there are several forms of meat, nut, and fruit allergies. (All those have protein, you see.) Protein is an essential dietary component, and your body requires it to live. If you are allergic to a certain protein, it is not the protein itself that causes it, but something else in the meat/nut/fruit/whatever.

Why stress tends to manifest itself in changes?


How does cerebellar ataxia manifest itself?

Cerebellar ataxia manifests itself starting with the dominant genes in the brain. As the genes start to manifest it causes a gradual shutdown of the organs of the body.

How did segregation manifest itself daily in the south?

it happened by magic

Is protein a bacteria?

no. bacteria will contin protein, but protein itself is not a bacteria.

Can manifest mean reveal?

Yes. For example, the problem manifested itself means that the problem revealed itself.

Where will kidney pain manifest itself?

The lower back or lower sides.

Is eczema and wheat allergy linked?

Not eczema itself, but a gluten allergy can manifest itself in a rash. Research dermatitis herpetiformis.

Is Potassium a protein?

No. It is more like a mineral than a protein. A protein is just something by itself.

Does DNA transform itself so protein synthesis can occur?

Yes, DNA can transform itself so protein sunthesis can occur.