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What are some Polish customs?

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Feast of Greenery.

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What are some Polish customs or traditions?

Fat thursday

What has the author Sophie Hodorowicz Knab written?

Sophie Hodorowicz Knab has written: 'Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Folklore 'A Polish herb garden' -- subject(s): Herbs, Legends, Folklore, Social life and customs

What are some of the customs in Hawaii?

some of the customs are food

What has the author Maria Lemnis written?

Maria Lemnis has written: 'W staropolskiej kuchni i przy polskim stole' -- subject(s): Cookery, Polish, Polish Cookery, Social life and customs, Polish Cooking

What are some Korean customs?

customs of korea

What are some pueblo Indians customs and traditions?

some of there customs or traditions are paintings

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some of the customs of Jamaica is rainforests forests and beaches

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Modern Romania doesn't have customs.

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they always have charming customs

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army customs for ssd1

What is a sentence for customs?

The customs official stopped him.We ask you to respect other people's customs and traditions.

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some of them are

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selena gomaz

Can you give some examples of polish words?

You will find some examples in the Wikipedia article on "Polish language".

What are some of the Eastern Woodlands customs and traditions?

cry cerimonies what are some of the eastern woodlands customs and traditions?

What do polish people do on polish flag day?

Some Polish people put the flag on their houses and participate in some festivals, if there are organised in their city. If they are religious, they pray for the country.

Are there Polish people in the UK?

Yes, some Polish people do live in the UK.

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What are some Indian customs and traditions?

the customs and tradition ere not found in this website.

What are some of Greece's customs?


What is some polish food?

Well, I don't know a lot but if you go to a polish deli, they have polish sausage that is very quite tasty.

Where can you find articles on Polish Customs?

You can find those on Wikipedia or look and see on Google.You can find those on Wikipedia or look and see on Google.

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Who are some Polish composers?

One famous Polish composer is Frederic Francois Chopin.

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