What are some Rivers that begin with the letter c?

Chang Jiang Cam Clanrye Canadian Chattahoochee Colorado Columbia Cumberland

Conneticut River, runs along New Hampshire/Vermont border

Cam Clanrye Clwyd Clyde
Congo Africa river XDD
River Colorado (USA), River Connecticut (USA), Churchill River (Canada), Cherwell (England), Chindwin River (Burma). River Congo (Africa)
Colorado river and Congo river
Colorado river
* Canadian River: The etymology is unclear. The name may have come from French-Canadian traders and hunters who traveled along the river, or early explorers may have thought that the river flowed into Canada. * Chattahoochee: from Creek cato hocce * Colorado: Spanish for "red-colored; reddish." * Columbia: Named for Captain Robert Gray's ship Columbia Rediviva, allegedly the first to travel up the river. * Cumberland: Named for Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. * Cam: Brythonic meaning "crooked" * Clanrye: Irish meaning "harbour of the king" * Clwyd: Welsh meaning "hurdle"
Colorado River
The Columbia, the Connecticut, the Crooked , the Crow, the Crystal and the Cutler (all in the USA) The Clyde, Churnet, Chelt, and the Conway in the UK.

The Colorado River
Chang Jiang Cam Clanrye Clwyd Clyde
· Colorado (United States)

· Columbia (United States)

· Congo (Africa)
Camac, Colorado, Congo,