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Is it required by law for public schools in California to have an ESL course in high schools?

Yes it is required by law that schools offer an English Second Langage Course in there schools. With the rise in immigration it is needed.

Is physical education required in Peru schools?

Yes course in every schools upon this world you have to.

How much do pediatricians get paid in Hawaii?

nothing of course kidin dont know ha ha

Do pediatricians work with babies?

Of course!! They work with infants from birth through about age 18. yes

Are there any online schools that offer defensive driving? is one of the website that provide defensive driving course. This course have been voted as the "Best Traffic School". It was strongly suggested for anyone that want to increase their road awareness.

What does a 'proposed course' mean?

Proposed course, mean 'suggested way'.

Do they have schools in Rio de Janeiro?

Of course they have schools in Rio de Janeiro. They have many schools there!

Is chemistry a required college course?

Chemistry is not a generally required college course. However, if your major is in a science field like nursing and medicine, you may be required to take the course.

Are boarding schools real?

Of course!

Are they school in Brazil?

Of course they have schools!

Are schools named after Mozart?

of course

where can I get a make up course.?

Many make up courses are offered to the public at community colleges and beauty schools. Usually registration is required and you need to bring your own brushes.

What are facts about pediatricians?

three facts about pediatricians are that the get to work with lots of people and meet abunch of kidsAll I know, is it cost a alot of freakin money!AnswerPediatricians are people who take care of babies from birth up to their teen years.lmao im doing research about it ATM (: but of course, you have to do atleast 11 years of schooling (after highschool), and ummm like working with lil kids and stuff haha.

Do football required course work?


Are there single sex schools in Ireland?

Yes, there are all girls schools and all boys schools. But of course their are mixed ones too.

What colleges offer a pediatricians degree?

There is no such thing as a pediatricians degree. In the US, pediatricians have a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree and must pass a US Medical Licensing Examination. The typical course of study is four years of undergraduate education, followed by four years of medical school, followed by at least three years of internship and residency. You can start at any college or university that offers a pre-med track.

Did North Carolina have schools?

of course they do I went to one of them

Does the Sahara Desert have schools?

yes of course then how do they learn

Is there any wrestling schools for kids in Newcastle?

of course not...

When do schools have Summer Vacation in California?

Summertime, of course!

Is education required in Russia?

Yes,of course!

Is education required in Croatia?

Yes of course it is

Can you be required to own a vehicle for a job?

Of course you can.

Is health sciences required course?


What schools provide Real Estate schools?

There are online real estate schools that individual can enroll into and complete their real estate license requirerements. But of course, individual license applicants are recommended to check the state requirements first before enrolling to any course to ensure that they are enrolled into the right course curriculum.