What are some accomplishments and awards of Bill Cosby?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What are some accomplishments and awards of Bill Cosby?
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What are some of Bill Cosby accomplishments?

Bill Cosby is a comedian, actor, author, television producer, teacher, musician, activist, and veteran.

What are some of Bill Cosby's achievements?

The Cosby Show!

What are some important events of Bill Cosby's life?

He got to star on, "The Cosby Show."

Who are some inspirational people?

Bill Cosby is my son

Which television shows did Bill Crosby take part in?

Bill Cosby (not Crosby) has appeared and been involved with such programs as "I Spy","The Bill Cosby Show", "Fat Albert", "The Cosby Show", "I Spy Returns", "The Cosby Mysteries", "Kids Say the Darndest Things" and "Little Bill", and he has also had some roles in television films.

What were some of bill gates accomplishments?

Microsoft software

What were some of etta James main accomplishments?

more than 15 awards

What was Bill Cosby career in life?

acting, comedian and speaking to African American communties around America. some of his shows were (the Cosby show, fat albert and the Cosby kids etc.)

Does Bella Thorne have any accomplishments?

yes she has shake it up and she won some awards :))

What are some accomplishments of Teresa Palmer?

Some of the accomplishments of Teresa Palmer are the following: nominated for Australian Film institute award and nominated for Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards.

What are some of Bill Cosby's contributions to society?

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What are some other jazz songs on The Cosby Show?

the songs cliff (bill cosby) played to his wife clair