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An example for Aerobic Capacity is increasing your on heart rate on running on a treadmill.

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Some aerobic capacity activities are swimming, jogging, kickboxing, treadmill, stationary cycling, stairmaster, dancing, Basketball, hikinh, squats and climbing.

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Q: What are some aerobic capacity activities?
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What does aerobic exercise do for our body?

Aerobic exercise improves the volume of oxygen your body can take in and use to fuel aerobic functions of your body. Activities include aerobic metabolism and cardiovascular exercise. Aerobic literally means with "air", and the most biologically important to survive is oxygen. Therefore aerobic means "with oxygen". Aerobic metabolism are activities that occurs within your body when you are at rest, like in sedentary breathing, reading, writing, watching, etc. Cardiovascular exercise are activities that can improve your maximum aerobic capacity called "V02max", and may include intense physical exercise that elevates your hear rate to at least 60% of your maximal heart rate for a prolonged period of time.

Aerobic fitness is defined as the capacity to take in, transport and utilize what substance?

Aerobic fitness is defined as the capacity to take in, transport, and utilize oxygen.

Is aerobic capacity a part of netball?

no unfortunately

What are some aerobic activities that can help with weight loss?

Weight loss can be achieved through a healthy diet and aerobic exercises. The best aerobic exercises for weight loss are swimming, running, power walking and cycling.

What is aerobic power?

Aerobic power refers to the maximum amount of oxygen a person can take in during exercise. Aerobic power is also called aerobic capacity.

What is the definition for aerobic?

Aerobic capacity is the maximum capacity of an individual's body to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the individual.

Aerobic training effects on muscle buffering capacity?


What fitness components fartlek training?

Aerobic capacity

What is aerobic activities?

Aerobic activity is an important addition to moderate-intensity exercise. Aerobic activity is a low-intensity, high-endurance activity that requires oxygen for production of energy and continuous work perform over long distances. Aerobic exercise is any extended activity that makes you breathe hard while using the large muscle groups at a regular, even pace. Aerobic activities help make your heart stronger and more efficient. They also use more calories than other activities. Some examples of aerobic activities include:Brisk walkingJoggingBicyclingSwimmingAerobic dancingRacket sportsRowingIce or roller skatingCross-country or downhill skiingUsing aerobic equipment (i.e., treadmill, stationary bike)

What are aerobic activities?

dont really know either

Aerobic fitness transport and utilize what substance?

Aerobic fitness is defined as the capacity to take in, transport, and utilize oxygen.

Which of the following activities provides the greatest aerobic benefits?