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What are some airline industries?

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American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, America Eagle Airlines, U.S Airways, and many more

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What does pivot means in airline term?

Pivot refers to weight. It means the minimum airline chargeable weight per unit. There are many terms that have double meanings in different industries.

Famous examples of industries using specialization and division of labor?

Some industries using specialization and division of labor (work): a) Manufacturing Industry b) Telecommunication Industry c) Airline Industry d) Information Technology Industry e) Banking Industry

What were some industries of the middle colonies?

what were some industries in the middle colonies

Are airline pilots called captains?

No, however some airline pilots are captains.

What are some major industries in Alaska?

Alaska has a few major industries in the state. Some of the industries are petroleum, mining, cola, and fishing.

What are some major industries in Greece?

some major industries include trading and fishing

What are some industries in the Midwest?

farming, fishing, zebra mussels, agriculture are some industries

Some examples of forward linkage industries?

rum industries uses the outputs of sugar industries

What are some major industries of Russia?

What are the major industries in russia !

What are some major industries in Haiti?

condom industries and porno

What are the California coast industries?

what are some california coastal industries

What are some industry in the Midwest?

automotive industries and service industries

What are some major industries in Idaho?

Some major industries in Idaho are agriculture mining, and lumber.

What are some of the major industries in Barbados?

Some major industries are sugar cane, manufacturing, and tourism.

What are some of the industries of the new England colines?

What aren't some of the industries of the new England colines.

What are some major industries in Georgia?

Georgia has a number of major industries. The major industries includes the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, the financial services industries and tourism industries.

What are some types of secondary industries in Canada?

Some types of secondary industries include manufacturing and construction.

What are some of Scotlands industries?

Some of Scotlands industries include; Fishing Oil Tourism Whiskey Distillery

What are some major industries in Europe?

Europe has some major automobile, oil/petroleum, and shipbuilding industries.

How much does it cost to bring golf clubs on airline flights?

For the best answer you will need to go to the website of the airline you are flying with, or phone them. This is because it varies from airline to airline. Some of them are reasonable, but some are quite expensive, and if you are only going to play once or twice you may be best to rent clubs.

Where can airline gift cards be bought?

Airline gift cards can be bought from the airline company website. Some websites where one can purchase airline gift cards are United, AA, Southwest, US Airway and many more.

How old do you have to be to travel alone without parents?

Depends on the airline. Some are 10, some 8, some airlines do not take unaccompanied minors at all. Call the airline for their rules.

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