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For the flagellum....i guess u could do a motor, or an engine from a car. For Golgi could do like a mail room... For the Golgi Apparatus, I would put Fedex because they basically revieve mail and redistribute it. Or li

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Q: What are some analogies for Golgi apparatuses and flagellum?
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What are some Analogies for cilia or flagellum?

Cilia and flagellum can be compared to the wheels on a car. They are used for cellular movement and get the cell to different parts of the body.

Do all bacteria have flagellum?

No. Only some bacteria have a flagellum.

What are analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

what are some analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

Does a bacteria have a flagellum?

Some bacteria have flagella, some only have one flagellum, and some just float around like a leaf in a river

What are some analogies?

synonym analogies are like huge is to big cruel is to mean thick is to fat

What has flagellum?

Bacteria, some cells

What are some analogies for the nucleus?

the brain

What are some analogies for the plot of a story?

You'll have to come up with your own analogies. Writing a bunch of random analogies down on the internet isn't going to help your story at all. You have to have analogies that actually have something to do with your own characters, setting, and plot.

Does amoeba have flagella or cilia?

no, Amoebas have pseudopods some types of amoeba do have a flagellum. The flagellum is very hard to see under the microscope and the amoeba that have a flagellum are hard to find.

What are some analogies for the word celestial?


How do you make simple improvised apparatus in chemistry?

Some simple improvised chemistry apparatuses are using jars for glassware and candle for a burner. Be careful using improvised apparatuses!

What are some mechanical laboratory apparatuses?

welding machine

What are some analogies for parts of a cell?

Some analogies for the parts of the cell will include the analogy of the office building. The walls of the building are the walls of the cell. The management of the building is the nucleus.

What are some analogies for mitochondria?

the "power house" of the cell

Describe the function of a flagellum?

Flagellum are used to propel microscopic organims like, bacteria. Some microscopic organisms have many some have just one or two. But much like the fins and tails of fish through the proper function of flagellum the organism gets where it needs to go.

What are some of the different physics laboratory apparatuses?

The flatform balance is used in physics

What organelle function accomplishes some motile function for some cells?

flagellum (:

Do all euglena have flagellum?

It is normal for the euglena to have a flagellum. Of course, any creature can suffer a trauma, or a birth defect or illness, or mutation, which can cause it to lose a part of its normal anatomy. I'm sure that there do exist some euglena which are missing the flagellum, much as there are some people who are missing legs.

Is the flagellum found in plant or animal cells?

Flagellum can be found in some prokaryote and eukaryote cells but not in plant cells. Plant cells have cell walls to provide rigidness and that would contrast with flagellum, which purpose is to allow flexibility and movement.

What are some examples of analogies?

broom is to sweep as knife is to cut

What are some analogies for explaining ribosomes?

Factory production line?

What is a specific organism that has flagellum?

A euglena has a flagellum, they use it to move around their habitat which is mainly pond water, some water has so many, it turns green.

Can eubacteria move?

only some by moving there flagellum back and forth

How do some fungi move?

With a single, whiplash flagellum on the posterior of the spore.

What are examples of analogies?

Some examples are Toe is to feet as finger is to hand.

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