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Grizzly bears, coyotes, and squirrels.

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What is the for purpose animals?

some animals help us. if it weren't for animals we wouldn't be here.

Why some animals harmful to human or other animals?

Did you know that animals are actually more scared of us than we are of them? I do not know why some animals are harmful and some not though.

What are some endangered animal in the US?

some endangered animals in the US is bald eagle

Are crickets poisonous?

To us, no, but some crickets are to some animals.

Do animals sweat like us?

Some do.

What are some overpopulated animals in the US?


Why did god make the animals?

because some animals produce Us food

Can you give us a brief description of some animals?

some naimals are nice, some animals have rabies, and some naimals don't have a home

Why is it important thet animals are different?

'''''It is not really important that animals are different. Some may do things that help us and some may do things that hurt us.'''''

What are some animals found in the US but not Canada?


What are some animals in the southwest region US?


How are animals helpful in everyday life?

They are helpful because some animals help us survive by giving us food and water.

Why should you handle animals with care?

because some animals help us in many ways.

Are any of the plants or animals poisonous if so tell us some thing about them?

Some frogs are poisonus. If animals eat them they will die.

How can animals help us to survive?

Animals help us to survive through many aspects; among them are:Some animals are good in providing us with meat for foodSome animals are useful for transport in many countriesSome animals are useful in providing us with leather to be used in dressing, shoes, bags, wallets, luggages, ...Animals include also bees that help in getting honey that is very useful for healthAnimals include also fish that is very useful for health and providing the antioxidants and many other useful minerals and vitamins.Some animals are useful in guarding our homes, detecting illegal drugs and/or weapons.

Why you should protect the wild life?

You should protect the wild life cause like us we need animals to survive and in order to have animals the animals have to have there habitat.Without us pretecting there wild life we humans probly would die without the animals.(at least some of us)

How do animals hear better?

ANimals have a wider range of tones some can be too high and some may be too low for us to hear Animals Ears are more sensitive than ours

What are some useful products from the animals?

animals give us milk,egg,flesh,wool,leather,silk and honey

Why do people dissect animals?

people dissect animals to learn a little more about them and in some cases to see if they are dangerous to us or not.

Why do animals gets sick easliy?

Because some animals don't get special medical attention like us humans do.

What are some interesting plants and animals found in the US of America?

American bison

What are some animals in the Midwest region of the US?

wildflowers , cacti , duckweed , and roses

What are some animals in the southeast US that start with the letter J?

· Jack Rabbit

Why was domestication of animals important?

Domestication was important because if they didn't domesticate animals in the olden days then some of the animals that help us today might not be able to do what they do.

What animals are common in the US?

The most common animals in the us are; Deer, wolves, and domestic dogs and cats or any domestic animals like a fish, hamsters, mice, ginepigs, or even a pig; and some farm animals are common like pigs, cows, horses, sheep, but the two most common animals in the us are deer and brids.

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