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Well, if it is a boy, you could do Laser tag or a bowling party. If it is a girl you could do a

slumber party, or a you could go see a movie with a buch of her friends. Or for an older group, you could have a mixed party with a special theme. Have fun!!

or, for a whole bunch of ideas, including what to wear, decor and food, check out ...

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What are some ideas for a 21st birthday party?

Make a 21sth birthday party meaningful. or provide great ideas for a 21st birthday party celebration.

What are some eleventh birthday party ideas for girls?

Pillow fights

What are some good party ideas to do at home at your friends 13th birthday party?

A movie marathon!

What are some cute ideas of birthday invitation cards?

Some cute ideas for birthday cards could be a picture of the child dressed in a party hat, or the birthday card could have an image that is special to the child as the background and the party details on top.

What are some fun items to buy for a Dora birthday party?

Hats, Plates, Candy, Cups, Stickers, ect. These are some great ideas for a fun time for a Dora birthday party. There is much more ideas online for birthday parties.

Teenage birthday party ideas?

Some birthday ideas for a teenager could be at a skating rink. You could also have one at a theme park.

What are some good 13 year old birthday party ideas?

You could do a Hawaiian theme, do a surprise birthday party with all their friends/family, or give them a pool party. Sorry, that the ideas are not very creative. :)

What are some good 1st birthday ideas?

You can find lots of ideas for your childs 1st birthday party at the following on line or

Kids Birthday Party?

Kids Birthday Party Kids Birthday Party - Fun kids' Birthday party ideas and inspiration. See more ideas about the Kids birthday party, Bricks 4 Kidz offers a unique educational LEGO® bricks model building for children.

What do you do if you don't know what to do for a birthday party?

You can browse for birthday ideas websites. Follow the related link below, so that you will see some ideas that you like.

What are some good ideas for a boys birthday party?

Here are some good ideas for a boys birthday party: 1-Have a pinata 2-Have lots of food 3-Have a pin the tail on the donkey Give ya more later!!)

What are some really fun ideas for a twelve year old girl to do for her thirteenth birthday?

Birthday party! ~SuperCat

What is a good theme for a first birthday party?

For girls, good themes for a first birthday party are Disney princesses. For boys, some ideas are cowboys and superheroes. Other ideas are sealife, zoos, and farms.

What are some birthday party ideas for preteens?

pizza sleep over camp out simple party at home (with friends)

Where can one find ideas for a Boy Toddlers' birthday party?

You can find ideas for a boy toddlers' birthday party online at websites such as Kara's Party Ideas and Kidville. You can also receive inspiration by visiting the birthday party supply section of your local Target.

What are some good birthday party ideas?

Going on vacations and sending them lots of gifts.

Do you have any ideas for a 50th birthday party? has some great ideas for themes for 50th birthday parties. I think Oriental Trading is the place to look for decorations.

Is there a website that gives birthday party ideas?

I can recommend several websites that give great party ideas! has quite a few in the article 20 Ideas For Babies First Birthday Party as well as

What are some good ideas for an 11 year olds birthday party?

some good ideas for a 11 year old birthday ideas is having a diva slumber party or having a boy girl party and take them out to the movies or even an elegant spa party . my daughter had a fashion party with a pretend beauty pageant a fashion show with makeup and clothes. and we had went swimming and had a talent show.

What are some good ideas for games at a kids birthday party?

Scavenger hunts, Charades, Marco Polo, relay races, and ring-toss are all games children will enjoy playing at a birthday party.

What should I do for my sons first birthday party ?

There are a number of different ideas for a child's first Birthday party, but many of them depend on the time of year. I have found a few sites that have some very good suggestions. Check out as well as for some ideas.

What kind of websites offer 30th birthday ideas?

Some websites that offer 30th birthday ideas include the 30th Birthday Party Ideas Organization and Punch Bowl websites. Punch Bowl also offers free e-cards.

What are some cool 13 year old boy's birthday party ideas?

K1 speed or Paintball

What are some 30th birthday party ideas?

It depends on the interest of the one having a birthday. It could be beach or garden party or party at the pool with soo many friends and family. Or something that is intimate between you and your fiance.

I need to find birthday cake ideas for my daughters birthday party.?

The easiest place to find cake ideas is in a cake book. Check with your local bookstore or library for some good ideas. You can also visit a local cake shop for ideas.

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