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999 master balls and super exp up.

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Q: What are some cheats for Pokemon pearl?
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Ar Pokemon cheats?

Here are some Pokemon cheats for pearl: Rebattle

What are some action replay cheats for Pokemon Pearl?

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Can you get cheats for Pokemon pearl without action replay?


Where is a good wedsite for Pokemon Pearl cheats?

well, just go to Google and type in "pokemon pearl cheats"

Every Pokemon cheat for Pokemon Pearl?

There actually aren't any cheats for Pokemon pearl, but if you have an Action Replay look up some codes for that

Where do you find cheats for Pokemon Pearl?

You can go on and search for Pokemon pearl

Where can you find cheats for Pokemon Pearl? The best place to look for those cheats are at and type in "action replay cheats for Pokemon pearl"

All the cheats in Pokemon pearl you already beat the Pokemon league?

Type in (Pokemon pearl cheats) online. Go to they will give you all the cheats you need! Thanks for your time!

What are the Pokemon pearl cheats?

there are only action replay cheats.

What Pokemon cheats are there for Pokemon pearl on Nintendo ds?

you can find cheats for it at or

Can you have cheats for Pokemon pearl?


What are cheats in Pokemon Pearl?


Are there Pokemon cheats for pearl?


What are some cheats on Pokemon pearl?

the only way to get cheats on Pokemon diamond and pearl is you going out and buy an action replay from GAME!! or ARGOS!! it only costs in gamme 19.99 and in argos 14.99

All Pokemon at level 100 for Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, there is a cheat for all Pokemon to be lvl. 100 in Pokemon pearl. To find more cheats, go to and type in the search box, cheats for Pokemon pearl.

Need cheats for pearl without action replay?

There are no cheats without action replay for pearl but there are glitches but if some of them require for you to do the Pokemon trading thing do NOT do them because the Pokemon company can ban you from trading.Just search Pokemon pearl glitches I know there's tons of them.

Can you show me Pokemon pearl cheats?

No, because cheats don't exist

How do you get all the Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

cheats or hard work...

What are passwords and how do they work on Pokemon pearl?

There isn't any Passwords in the Games. There is some Cheats.

How do you get 500000000 poke in Pokemon pearl?


R4 cheats on Pokemon pearl?


How do you get the most rarest Pokemon in pearl?

With cheats

Cheats for Pokemon diamond pearl?

Yes, what about them?

Where do you get bulbasore on Pokemon pearl?

Trade or cheats.

Do you need R4 to use cheats on Pokemon Pearl?

you need an r4 an ace card etc to get cheats or hack in to your chip to get cheats on one of these chips go to Google and type Pokemon pearl cheats for r4.