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the display on the climate-control panel has a tendency to die, requiring replacement of the entire panel. also, the engine has an acessor-drive idler pulley, as well as a pair of tensioner pulleys, that can wear and require replacement (hissing or grinding sound)

Yes, I definitely agree with the "having to replace the entire panel" because the display on the climate control panel dies [been there]. I ended up having to go to the dealership for this replacement; otherwise, my usual Vette repair place of choice wouldn't be able to provide me with the same electrical part warranty that GM offers.

However, the problem that has plagued my Vette the most is that the power window regulator on the passenger side has been replaced on mine 1999 Vette twice now, once in 2003 and again in 2006, and I don't even have anyone sitting in the passenger seat most of the time! Which I have just noticed in the last few days that the passenger side window isn't going down again, so I'm wondering at this point, if this problem resurfaces every four years or so. If anyone else has had this problem on a 1999, I'd be interested in you sharing the details of your own experience with me...

Also, I had an issue with the hinge for the lid in the center console not opening and closing properly but replaced the hinge myself, and it's been fine ever since.

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