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What are some common diseases of dogs?

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kennel cough is the most common, but they can also get colds (runny noses, lack of energy)

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How have some of the most common dog diseases been made less common?

that is easy dog owners are responsible for their dogs and they have to look after their dogs

Can cats spread disease to dogs?

Not all diseases can be shared between dogs and cats, but there are some such as rabies (through drawing blood) and ringworm that they can get. These are the most common. There are also some fungus diseases, that can easily be cured, and fluenza.

Common diseases that affect pet animals?

Dogs? Heartworms....

What diseases can dogs give to humans?

There are several dozen zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that are passed from animals to humans. Of these, probably the single most important disease concerning dogs is rabies. There are other diseases, but none as common or devastating as rabies.

Can dogs get chichenpoxs?

No dogs can not get chickenpox. Dogs usually don't get the same diseases as humans. They may get something similar to a human disease, but not the exact thing. But there are some diseases that humans and dogs get.

Do dogs carry around diseases?

Some can have rabies

What are some common lifestyle diseases that teens face?

diabetes, asthma, cancer are some of the most common diseases for teens

List some diseases of the excretory system?

the common excretory diseases is kidney diseases.

Can animals pass on disease to human when sleeping in same room?

Some diseases can be passed from animal to human, but not many. Most common carriers are pigs, but cats and dogs can also carry some communicable diseases, especially in their waste.

Do fleas give diseases to dogs?

Yes, fleas can and do carry diseases that can infect dogs. The most common flea-borne disease of dogs in the United States is tapeworms. This is why a monthly flea/tick preventive medication is a good idea.

Can dogs and cats share diseases?

Answer yes, they can share diseasesI think there are definitely some that they can share, although there are some that are just for cats and some just for dogs. To be sure, you would need to check with a qualified Vet.

Diseases in the 1500s?

Some of the more common diseases in the 1500s included malaria and tuberculosis. Other common diseases included the plague, smallpox, syphilis, and typhus.

What are some common illnesses or diseases?

Fever and cold

What are some common causes of muscular diseases?


Why are some diseases more common in adults than in kids?

Some diseases are more common in adults than children because adults have a more developed system.

Can humans get sick from a dog sickness?

No, dogs cannot give sicknesses to humans. <><><> SOME diseases can be caught by dogs AND people.

What are some air-borne diseases?

Common cold, influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia are some of the air borne diseases. common cold consists of large number of viruses.

What were some common superstitions About diseases in the middle ages?

Diseases were thought to be caused by demons or by the spells of witches.

What are common diseases that alcoholics suffer from?

Some of the common diseases from alcholics are alcoholism, malnutrition, chronic pancreatitis, alcoholic liver disease, and cancer.

What is the name of the crop disease?

some common crop diseases names are- pathogen,pythium,coeliac,cochliobolus,sativus,pyrolizidine,alkaloidosis,peronospoa farinsona are some common crop diseases........

What are some common pets in Italy?


What diseases can you get from dogs?


What are the dog diseases dogs have?

Dogs can get sick just like all of us. We share many diseases, such as: Albinism, Ataxia, Deafness, Glaucoma, Hypothyroidism, Epilepsy, and even cancer. Some diseases only dogs have such as: Hip and elbow displaisia, Shar-pei fever, Pug dog encephalitis, and Lick Glaucoma.

What are some common diseases in medieval Europe?

The most common disease is the ever popular plague.

What were the common diseases of the 1940s?

Some common ones were:InfluenzaTyphoidYellow FeverTuberculosis

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