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Common jobs that require shop work can include sales associate, team leader, floor supervisor, floor set/display manager, district manager and branch manager.

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Q: What are some common jobs that require shop work?
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Most marketing jobs require you to have at least a bachelors degree and many require an MBA or a Masters in Business Administration. Some even require additional experience in another job.

What are some of the jobs that require traveling?

Some jobs that require traveling are:Airplane pilotTrain driversBus driversTruck drivers

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Do you have to go college?

You should go to college. Some common jobs require you going to college and getting a degree.

What are some different types of criminal justice jobs?

There are a lot of different criminal justice jobs which may require some college education or on-the-job training. Some common jobs in this field are law enforcement officers, probation officers and detectives.

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What are some maritime jobs?

Some maritime jobs can include maritime museum workers and a surf shop.

Do you need a license to become a welder?

Not all jobs require one, but a degree certainly helps. Some shops don't even require that, but if you apply for a job, and so does someone with a degree (which will often happen) you won't get hired. Some jobs, do require training before you qualify for a position (I.E. government jobs, union jobs.) If you you wanted to start your own welding company, then you would need a license, but for the common welding jobs, no you don't legally, need anything.

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Most office jobs require some amount of keyboarding skills. The traditional jobs that require keyboarding are office assistant, case management, and transcriptionist.

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