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What are some creative ways to get a job?


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I read about this one guy who got a job designing Lego sets... what he did was just to build a zillion things with legos, and he would build miniature buildings and statues and bridges with legos in his own house and hometown. He published them online... and eventually Lego discovered him and gave him a job.

Some people who are really amazing hackers and programmers get jobs with companies preventing hacking, because they know all of the ways to get in, and are better at stopping it. Sometimes they go to prison first... kind of like that guy from "Catch Me If You Can."

I hired a girl once who put some quotations on her resume. She had quotations from coworkers about how cool she was. I liked it, and I hired her.

You can do things a creative way... you can dress differently, color your resume differently, or try sending a thank you note to a potential employer in the form of a crossword puzzle. You can go on a website that you love and start thinking up ideas for them... send them the ideas and see if you can catch their attention. You can be creative in listing how your skills and experience match what they are looking for. :)

... There are a *lot* of ways to get noticed... but it totally depends on the person/company whether they will like that sort of thing or not. Not everyone values creativity, for starters, and not everyone with one good idea is a good employee. So, you have to be ready to be rejected as well, and keep trying. If you get a job in a creative way, it is usually worth it, because you get a creative boss, and are usually around other creative people.

- I would agree with this. The facts are these: It is incredibly hard to get a job in this economy at all levels. People are doing increasingly creative things to get noticed. The plain white paper resume or emails just don't get results. I did a little experiment of my own even after I had already gained a job a few months ago and applied to 150 jobs before hearing back from anyone! It took me about 4 weeks of applying to about 5-6 jobs a day in my free time.

First and foremost - never turn in a resume without a cover letter, the standards are far too high right now, and you will not even be recognized or noticed, degree or experience will not matter.

Second - never turn in a resume or cover letter on plain white copy paper. It must be on professional paper - "Cardstock." Generally the thick, off-white will work great, and be sure to buy the matching envelopes.

Third - Print the name and address on the envelope. Take a moment to learn how if you don't already.

I have seen anything from professional folders with resume, cover letter, references all neatly in pockets with your name printed on the front, or a decorative stamp.

Some people include a "Top 10 reasons to hire _____________" list. Be sure that you are thinking of professional attributes. Ex: 9. Resourcefulness: ____________ has what it takes to drive results."

I have seen people get stories about their job search printed in the local paper.

If you are applying for a position that requires writing samples, examples of previous work such as: graphic design, PR, Marketing, web design, be sure to bring with you to the interview a portfolio of your work.

Get creative, I can guarantee you the other applicants are doing things to get noticed, and a plain old resume is nothing to pay attention to under these conditions.


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