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Some of the cultural values in the Philippines includes loyalty, honesty, warmth, and giving importance to family.

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Q: What are some cultural values in Philippines?
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What are some cultural values in France?

French cultural values were liberty, life, equality, and fraternity. These were the paradigms of France.

What are some cultural values of the Integral culture?

Some cultural values of the integral culture are idealism and activism, globalism and ecology, importance of women and authenticity.

What is an example of cultural diffusion in the Philippines?

An example of cultural diffusion in the Philippines is the Filipinos adopting some Spanish customs after Spain colonized the country.

What are the traditions and values in the Philippines?

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What is the cultural sport of Philippines?

to my knowledge the cultural sport of the Philippines is "SIPA"

Reaction to current political issues in the relation with education and the Philippine cultural values?

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When was Cultural Center of the Philippines created?

Cultural Center of the Philippines was created in 1966.

Writing about cultural issues and values?

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Some examples of cultural values?

Cultural values are socially constructed axioms, which go to the perseverance of said culture. Some examples of cultural values are: law and civility. In more religious cultures God and Spirituality could be considered value to said culture.

What cultural values does the minotaur have?

The Minotasur is presented as an unthinking monster - as such it had no cultural values.

What are the cultural problems of the Philippines?

The cultural problems of the Philippines mainly revolve around socio-culture. This is a situation where many cultures come into play and there some people who are discriminated as a result of having a particular cultural background.

What are the types of value?

There are Personal values (Those things you think are important), Societal values (those things everyone in general agree are important) and Biblical or religious values (those values that have an ultimate foundation in the Bible or in a particular religious system of beliefs). One that's constantly referred to nowadays is Family values. There are also Work, Education, and Advancement values, which tend to get lumped in between personal values and societal values..

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