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Different Girls have different things that guys like.

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Q: What are some cute things girls do that guys love?
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What cute things do girls do that guys love?

Guys love when girls do cute things like flip their hair, smile, wink, and giggle at their jokes.

Which cute things guys like about girls?

the dressing of the girls, the cologne,their hairstyles, the voice and the love they show

Why do girls not like Asian American guys?

sex, strong guys, cute guys, and love

What do guys think is cute in girls?

Us guys think a lot of things are cute in girls. And 1 of those things is there smile. We really love a girl that smiles. And we also like there dimples when they smile. That is EXTREMELY cute! We love that. Also we love pretty eyes that gleam in the sunlight. Also girls that aren't shy and like 2 talk. We don't like shy girls. Caring girls are another big thing and girls that don't get jealous and mad easily. He just hate it when girls get all mad over something.

Who likes Cody linley?

Lots of girls(and guys) love Cody! he is so cute!

Why go girls love boys?

Well if girls didn't love boys the only other option is to love girls, and personally i find that gross.. Scientifically speaking, God created girls to love guys, and lets face it, guys are cute and manipulating, they make you like them...

What gestures of man attract girls?

Sweet, kind, cute, buff, funny, and smart guys are what girls love to be around.

What are some cute things that guys love girls to do?

Sammich shaped sammich. Now stop aksing questings and go make one for ur master.

Do guys like girls that are cute?

OH MY GOSH!! ARE YOU GAY!?! OF COURSE WE DO!!!!lol love the first guys answer and yes they love girls with cute faces no Der. signed (a guy)that isn't true in every case boys can like girls for whats in their heart. they could be the most ugliest people in the world but you didn't have to be cute to get a guy.

What do you girls think about shy guys?

Well It kinda depends on your personality. If your shy, but have a bad personality, then well.... But if your sweet and cute most girls would think your adorable. :) I love shy and cute guys! I think there soo cute, trusting, and romantic. Plus shyness makes you look more cute!

Do girls like getting gifts from guys?

Yes, girls love things like that :) I'm a girl, and boy, i love it!

Does Korean guys like Indian girls?

If he thought she was cute then yeh, why not? Ethnicity doesn't change love instincts :)

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