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Americans seem to have lost the ability to pronounce French and Spanish words used in everyday speech. En route (on root) comes out like n rout. Las Vegas sounds like Los Vegas. They use totally different words for parts of a car. They call the bonnet the hood, the boot the trunk and so on. They emphasise the first syllable of words where the emphasis should be on a different syllable. They say "I do" when they mean "I have" And when it comes to spelling - well you don't want to go there. They had a guy called Webster who had a bee in his bonnet (or should that be hood?) about spelling and removed the u from words like colour, honour and so on, changed y to i in words like tyre , changed metres to meters, all just to be different. There are quite a few differences between the Classic English, that English people speak, and American English. There are spelling differences, and there are objects that have different names in Classic English and American English: E.G: Sidewalk (US)-Pavement (UK) Sneaker (US)-Trainer (UK) Diaper (US)- Nappy (UK) Theatre (UK)-Theater (US) Colour (UK)- Color- (US)

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What really accounts for differences in accent among people who speak English?

What really accounts for differences in accent among people who speak English is their mother tongue differences, and environmental influences.

People in Latin America speak English?

English is the most univeral second language in South America.

What language do most people in north America speak?


Were do most people speak English?

Mostly America and Australia.

What are the similarities and differences between Haiti and America?

The differences between America and Haiti is that they speak different languages. The similarities between Haiti and America is that they both have a great amount of people there.

Do most people in south America speak English?

No. Most people in South America speak Spanish, followed by Portuguese. There are three countries that do not speak Portuguese or Spanish, which are English Guyana, French Guiana, Dutch Suriname.

Why do Americans speak English today?

Because the first people to move to America were English.

What languages do people speak in North America?

English is the most common language

Cultural differences between France and the UK?

the amount of people who are English that speak french which is ridiculous

Is Baseball an English or american word?

English is the language that many people speak. The differences in English are the different regions where it is spoken. Therefore, baseball is an english word.

What do people in north America speak?

english,spanish and so many more.

How many people in North America do not speak English?

over 1 third

Is English-speaking grammatically correct?

No ! In America we speak broken English according to the the people in England.

Why do Indians speak incorrect English?

There's really no such thing as one standard of "correct English" for all countries. Each country and state has its own standards for language.The people of India speak perfect Indian English.The people of Australia speak perfect Australian EnglishThe people of North America speak perfect American English.

Do people speak British English or American English in US?

The United States of America ... that would be why they call it American English.

Why is the language of the US English?

In the US most people speak American English, which is very similar to British English, but there are small differences in vocabulary, grammar and idioms used. English people (from England) who migrate to the US will speak British English on arrival, but after a while their language will (usually) be American English.

Which countries in south America speak English?

Guyana. (If you include Central America, Belize also speaks English)it is Guyana but some of them speak English and some of them speak guyanaese

What is the differences between high German and low German?

Low German is the German they speak in the south of Germany, a bit like when English people use slang and to not speak "the queen's english"

Do Latino Americans speak English?

No. Languages spoken in Latin America include Spanish, French and Portuguese. People who speak English are known as Anglo-Americans.

Did people speak in American dialects in the 1700s?

In America people int he 1700s spoke with an English accent. see 1700s English Dialects

Why people should speak English?

People should speak English because America is such a big and successful country that the language is spreading all across the world. And if you live in a place with many tourists from America, you should learn and know English. It might be hard to learn but it will be worth it.

Why is Spanish spoken in a small part of Africa?

It is just the language people who were there first used. People in certain parts of Africa also speak English, or French. It is like asking, "Why do people in America speak English?"

Does Bank of America speak English?


Do people from Pennsylvania speak English?

Most people from Pennsylvania speak English as its a state in the United States of America, whose national language is English, though unofficial. There are members of Amish and Mennonite sects, known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, who speak German as a first language.

What is the history of Latinos in America?

Are Latinos include people all around the world who speak English and Spanish fluently? No, Latinos are people from Latin America

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