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What are some differences in the ways people from the UK and America speak English?



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Americans seem to have lost the ability to pronounce French and Spanish words used in everyday speech. En route (on root) comes out like n rout. Las Vegas sounds like Los Vegas. They use totally different words for parts of a car. They call the bonnet the hood, the boot the trunk and so on. They emphasise the first syllable of words where the emphasis should be on a different syllable. They say "I do" when they mean "I have" And when it comes to spelling - well you don't want to go there. They had a guy called Webster who had a bee in his bonnet (or should that be hood?) about spelling and removed the u from words like colour, honour and so on, changed y to i in words like tyre , changed metres to meters, all just to be different. There are quite a few differences between the Classic English, that English people speak, and American English. There are spelling differences, and there are objects that have different names in Classic English and American English: E.G: Sidewalk (US)-Pavement (UK) Sneaker (US)-Trainer (UK) Diaper (US)- Nappy (UK) Theatre (UK)-Theater (US) Colour (UK)- Color- (US)