What are some different codes for barbiegirls?

I have a V.I.P code, and I would have ♥ed to give it to you, but barbiegirls is over, so that code is useless now.

Listen closely, here are some codes that can only be used ONCE.

  • barbiepirate11-pirate Halloween costume
  • 1barbiesk8er- ice skating outfit+the ice skates
  • super6barbie3- super girl costume
  • LOVEvdayBOOTS- the valentines day vip boots
  • CH33TAH894- pink cheetah dress
  • santa7baby7- the santa dress
  • glamgowns7x- if your non-vip, you get to go to glamgowns 7 times, but not buy anything.
  • 3buy3girl- able to buy 3 things in any shop f your choice
  • wannapet1- get 1 pet (if your non vip)
  • vipthings5- your able to do 5 vip things- whether its go into a vip shop or play a vip game.
  • mattelbbucks-$200
  • walmartbbucks-$10
  • thankyoubucks
  • barbiegirl21-gives you free pirate girl costume
  • vipbrb-gives you 2 free vip shirts
  • cuteboot-gives you a pare of RARE white leather boots
  • cococoat-gives you a really nice pink and black RARE coat
  • sosnowy69-makes your room snow
  • barbiedressy-gives you a cute RARE sundress