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Some different forms of Birth Control includes birth control pills, morning-after pills, condoms, diaphragms, vasectomy for men, and sterilization for women.

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Q: What are some different forms of birth control?
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What are some side effects of the most common birth control methods?

Different forms of birth control can have different side effects. Birth control pills can cause cramping,and possible blod clots.

What brands of birth control pill are available?

There are many different brands of birth control and their generic forms as well. Some of the most well known brand names in birth control are: LoEstrin, Yasmin, Seasonale, Lybrel, Mircette, Trivora, and Zovia.

What does birth control do to your hormones?

Birth control is what is used to prevent unintended pregnancy, there are multiple different types of birth control that work in different ways, it is ignorant to say 'birth control' to mean one specific type of birth control. Without knowing what type of birth control you're referring to we cannot answer your question - some birth control does absolutely nothing to your hormones, some birth control completely shuts down your hormones.

Is it possible to skip your period using the birth control patch?

Yes, with all the different forms of birth control these days, some can cause your periods to change and even stop altogether. You can read the information booklet that comes with your type of birth control. The risks and side affects are always listed in this booklet or pamphlet.

If im on birth control and dont get my period for 3 months is that just making it easier to get pregnant?

No. Some forms of birth control pills actually cause you to not get your period for months.

What can you do to make your period not come on for a while?

What you can do to make your period not come on for a while is to use some form of hormonal birth control. Not all forms of birth control delay or stop menstruation in all women but some do, such as the contraceptive injection and 28 day birth control pill.

Does bactrim affect NuvaRing?

No, unlike some other forms of birth control, effectiveness of Nuva Ring is not impacted by antibiotics.

What are the pros and cons of birth control in teenagers?

Pro's- helps prevent unwanted pregnancies in sexually active teens. Con's- no birth control measure is 100.00000% effective- some will still get pregnant. Con's- many forms of birth control do not protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the example of contraception?

Some forms of contraception are: Condoms (male and female) Spermicide Birth Control Pills/Shots/IUDs/etc

Will taking birth control and different times of the day make a period late?

Yes. As directed by all doctors and on the instruction labels of all birth control pills, you are supposed to take your birth control everyday and at the same time. If you take your birth control at different times everyday, it is not allowing the birth control to adapt in your body the way it is supposed to and it decreases the effectiveness of the birth control as well. Some side effects of taking your pill at different times of each day may include: pregnancy, late/irregular periods, and spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

Can switching birth control pills make your period lighter?

It depends on which pills you switch to. Different birth control pills have different levels of estrogen and progesterone in different forms. Some women's bodies respond differently. So it could be completely normal to have light periods when switching pills. Also, remember that when you're on the birth control pill, any amount of bleeding or spotting during the placebo or pill-free week is considered a period. However, the number one cause of irregular bleeding is pregnancy. If you are worried about this, take a pregnancy test soon and discontinue your birth control pills if you are pregnant.

Does certain birth controls make you gain weight?

Yes. There are several forms of birth control where patients have reported weight gain. Some pills and the depo shot for example.

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