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•Trashing Brazil's rainforest so the cultivation of soya is possible is one the major disadvantages of this cultivation. This soybeans are mainly exported as feed for European animal farms.

•Force people to move to other places. For example Paraguay which had many families, birds and trees and is now empty due to the air filled with toxic from pesticides to protect soy crops.

•Farmers from these regions had to move out as toxic products caused nausea and headaches on their families thus the chickens died, cows aborted their calves and only few trees are left. The neighborhood they used to lived in resumed itself to soybeans all around.

•Farmers say that if you don't sell your house to soy companies they threaten to kill them, they have to choose between move or die. A neighborhood which housed 1000 farmers has now 30 families who resist the soy plantation.

•80% of greenhouse gases from Brazil come from deforestation of the Amazon which become croplands and one of the major crops produced in Brazil is soybean.

•The destruction of the Amazon by soybean planters is sometimes performed illegally.

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