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Sea anemone


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Q: What are some examples of Cnidaria?
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What are some examples of cnidaria - invertebrates?

Hydra , jelly fish , coral .

What are examples of cnidaria?

hydrozoan, coral, anemone, jellyfish

What are animals that do not have bilateral symmetry?

Some examples of animals are sea anemone, jellyfish, and sea stars. Basically anything in the Phyla cnidaria and echinodermata.

What are 5 examples of cnidaria?

Hydra , Obelia , jelly fish , coral ,and sea anemone .

Another name for coelenterata?

Coelenterata are also known as coelenterates. They belong to the Phylum Cnidaria. Some examples are corals, jellyfish, hydras and sea anemones.

What phylum do jellyfish belong to?

Cnidaria, baby! :)cnidariaCnidaria

What phylum does a jellyfish belong to?

CnidariaPhylum: Cnidariaits in the cnidaria phylum

Examples of asexual by budding?

Yeast (Saccharomyces) and hydras (Phylum Cnidaria) reproduce asexually by budding.

How do cnidaria move?

How do cnidaria move ?

What is the symmetry for cnidaria?

Cnidaria have radial symmetry.

What is the scientific name for cnidaria?

Cnidaria is the scientific name.

Do cnidaria have a through gut?

No, cnidaria do not have a through gut.

What are the species of the phylum Cnidaria?

There are hundreds if not thousands of species in the phylum Cnidaria.

What is the phylum for box jellyfish?

cnidariaThe phylum that the box jellyfish is in is Cnidaria.

What phylum is the Anemone in?

CnidariaCnidarians (ni-dar-i-ans).Phylum Cnidaria.

Is phylum Cnidaria same as phylum coelenterata?

Yes. Coelenterates are the same as Cnidaria.

What taxonomic group does Cnidaria belong to?

Phylum Cnidaria is theit taxonomic group .

What are the similarities between cnidaria and porifera?

Porifera have canal system whereas cnidaria doesn't have. porifera have cellular type of organisation whereas cnidaria have tissue type of organisation. porifera have circulatory organs whereas they are absent in cnidaria.

The name Cnidaria indicates that these animals probably?

Cnidaria animals have no heads. So, the name Cnidaria indicates that these animals likely have ends referred to as an "oral" end.

What is the largest class in the phylum Cnidaria?

The largest class in the phylum Cnidaria is the class Hydrozoa.

Do cuttlefish belong to Cnidaria?

No, cnidaria are the jellyfishes, corals, and sea anemones. Cuttlefishes are molluscans.

What is the common name for cnidaria?

The phylum cnidaria doesn't have a common name because there are many different kinds of animals inside the phylum; some of the more recognizable are the jellyfish, corals, and sea anemones.

Is a cnidaria a parazoa?


Do cnidaria have cephalization?


What is cnidaria?

Cnidaria is a Phylum of invertebrate aquatic animals, which includes jellyfishes, corals and other polyps.