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producers are all kinds of insects

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heck no

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What are some non examples of producer?

A rock. It doesn't produce anything.

What are some examples of 2nd level consumers?

some examples are like birds and things that eat the first level consumer or the producer.

What are the producers in a desert?

Some examples of a desert producer would be cacti, shrubs and desert grass.

What are two examples of a producer?

Carrots and Potatos. :}

What are the examples of secondary producer in pond ecosystem?

What are the examples of secondary producer in pond ecosystem?Read more: What_are_the_examples_of_secondary_producer_in_pond_ecosystem

What is an example of a producer in the tundra?

A lichen, reindeer moss, and low shrubs are some examples. and they are right ! trust me! haha.

What are the food chains with algae or phytoplankton as the producer?

examples of a food chains with algae or phytoplankton as the producer?

What are five examples of a food chain?

grass is the producer

What are three examples of producer?

a daisy dandilion and a lily

What are some examples of 1st level consumers?

bugs mostly, anything that eats the producer. (ex. bees get necter from flowers)

Producer in the food chain in the Arctic?

A producer is usually a plant, so some examples would be lychen, moss, even connifer trees in the Tundra. Also sea-based plant life.

What is an example of a Arrhenius base?

Arrhenius defines a base as a producer of OH ions. Some examples of bases are bleaches, ammonia, baking soda, and antacid tablets. His definition of an acid is a producer of H3O ions.

What are two examples of someone being a producer?

Goods & services

What are examples of protist producers?

An example of a protist producer are algae.

What is the name of an organism that can perform photosynthesis?

Producers, because many producers go through photosynthesis. Some examples are plants and producer-protists

What does Portugal produce with its natural resources?

Portugal produces a lot of things with natural resources. I will give to you some examples: Cork - The world largest producer - Amorim Olive Oil - Second largest producer - Sovena ... etc.

What food is Romania the largest producer in?

Examples: corn, wheat, potatoes.

Is a human a producer?

no a human is not a producer some humans are carnivores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the examples of producers that can be found in the garden?

plants are producers, examples: grass, flowers, bushesand sometimes trees.(grass is the main producer)

What is a sentence with the word producer in it?

The producer of the film gained a lot. It was because of it's immense success.

Is a cactus or a jackrabbit or a snake or a woodpecker a producer?

The producer is the cactus. Producers such as cacti are at the entry level to the food chain of production and consumption. The other three examples are consumers.

Which organism is the producer in the food web?

Producers are only plants. Producers produce food. Some examples of producers are: Trees, bushes, fruits, vegetables and MUCH more!

What are examples of a producer in a kelp forest?

Red Algae, Kelp plant, sphagnum moss and bacteria

Examples of first order consumers?

1st order consumers are animals that eat the producer or in simple terms the plants some examples are grasshoppers, worms, crickets, and other herbivores. The ones that eat the animals that i have given are called 2nd order consumers.

Can a producer survive in the dark?

Each Producer is different, there are some that can survive in the dark though, in fact, for some plants it is better for them to be in the dark.

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