What are some examples of foods high in HDL cholesterol?


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HDL cholesterol is also known as the "healthy" cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is known as "bad" cholesterol. Many essential fatty acids help raise HDL cholesterol. Foods that help raise HDL cholesterol are nuts, nut butters, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados.


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Eating foods low in cholesterol is the best way to lower your cholesterol. Foods high in fiber, fish, and nuts are examples of low-cholesterol foods. Try to avoid trans fats.

Some examples of foods high in bad cholesterol are eggs (specifically the yolks), caviars, livers and liver pates, shrimp, butter, fast foods, sardines, processed meats and shellfish just to name a few. Foods that are high in saturated fats are known to be full of the bad cholesterol and should be avoided or consumed in moderation.

Some foods that can lower cholesterol are high fiber foods, fish, and foods that contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

High colesterol appoears in your body, when you have an unhealthy diet. Cholesterol-pushing food is i. e. Cheese or very greasy meat. In case of high colesterol, you should eat/drink a probiotic, cholesterol-dimming yoghurt or molke.

There are many helpful websites for this. Try: or

Some foods that can lower your cholesterol in your body are foods that are high in fiber, low in fat, and high in vitamins. Fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal are very good sources of food that lower cholesterol.

Some foods high in cholesterol include animal organs, eggs, butter, shrimp, and sardines. Foods high in cholesterol often do no affect our blood cholesterol levels like we think or expect. For more information and a complete list of high cholesterol foods refer to

Fatty foods influence your cholesterol negatively. Some healthy foods can as well - for instance the yolk in egg is very high in cholesterol. You could eat an egg without the yolk to avoid the high cholesterol.

WebMD is a great resouce for questions such as this one, there is a huge number of foods that are high in cholesterol and should be avoided. See for additiona information.

Some of the top foods that are high in cholesterol are egg yolks, caviar (fish roe), liver, palate, foie grass, butter and shrimp. Fast foods, particularly breakfast fast foods, are also very high in cholesterol because they usually contain eggs and are usually coked in high-cholesterol-containing fats.

No low cholesterol foods would not typically cost you more. Some examples of such foods are fatty fish, walnuts, oatmeal, and oatbran.

Well, for starters you can avoid these foods by not eating them. Find suitable replacements or skip them altogether. Some foods to avoid are eggs, red meat, fried food, and liver.

If you have high cholesterol, there are many foods you need to avoid. Some foods to avoid are fatty meats, eggs, fish and snacks like crackers.

The most common cause of high cholesterol is eating foods that are high in cholesterol. Some people's genetics make them more likely to have high cholesterol, but with a diet low in cholesterol and medication, it can be managed. Avoiding food high in cholesterol is the first step in lowering your cholesterol.

The foods that you need to avoid for cholesterol is fat foods such as fried foods chicken, porkchops, steak, sugar, salt and there are other foods as well.

Common bar foods that are high in cholesterol include shellfish, processed meats, anything made with excessive butter, most fried foods, and french fries.

The most popular cholesterol lowering foods are foods that are high in fiber, low in fat, and low in cholesterol. Some foods include oatmeal, whole grain fiber, fruits, and vegetables.

Some fatty foods with that are cooked with a lot of grease are definitely some that you want to avoid. Look for foods in the grocery store that's purpose is to lower your cholesterol levels.

If you have high cholesterol and want to lower it you should eat nuts, fruits and vegetables. Limit high fat content and dairy products which can increase cholesterol.

Of course, you can try taking some time to look at the nutritional label. Which can be really helpful, because foods low in cholesterol usually has a red heart on the package. Try searching online for a list of foods high in cholesterol as well.

A high fiber diet low in fats is a great way to lower cholesterol. Therefore foods high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are great way to lower cholesterol.

There are lot of foods which helps you to reduce cholesterol. Try brightly colored fruits and vegetables like blueberry, peach, oranges, beetroot, etc. Do some exercise too along with dieting. There are many cholesterol lowering foods that you can include in to your diet to reduce high cholesterol. Some cholesterol lowering foods are- Vegetables, Fresh fruits, Whole grain foods, Oats, Dried beans ....

Some foods that you should avoid with high cholesterol are: meat, fish, low fat yogurt/milk, bread, fresh fruits, popcorn, steak, and vegetables in butter.

Fish, vegetables, and high-fiber foods can lower cholesterol. Oatmeal is also a good option. Try to avoid foods that are high in fat or anything fried, as those may cause your cholesterol to increase.

To find out more about foods high in cholesterol I would check out a book from the library on human nutrition. is a wonderful medical website with thousands of articles, some of which talk about the causes and effects of cholesterol as well as the sources of good and bad cholesterol.

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