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Changes in personnel are not always bad. A job with a high turnover rate will see lots of people come and go, but this just means that new people will come in and take their places. With any luck, a handful of these new people will stick around and bring a strong work ethic with them into the workplace.

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What are some examples of changes in velocity?

---- ---- == ==

What are some types of physical changes?

Melting, boiling, and dissolving are some examples of physical changes.

What are some examples of changes in matter that change the character of matter?

some of the examples of changes in matter that change the character of matter are 1. ice 2.

Can you give me some examples about chemical changes and physical changes?

Examples of chemical changes: * Burning of paper * Rusting of iron Examples of physical reactions: * Melting of ice * Melting of wax

What are some examples of heat energy changes?


Are all physical changes reversible with examples?

No. Many physical changes are irreversible. Some examples are sawing a tree into boards, and shredding paper.

What are some physical examples?

physical examples are examples of thing or changes or transformations which you can see with you eyes or hold with your hands.

What are some examples of the law of conservation of momentum?

Momentum is ALWAYS conserved. To get some interesting examples, think of any situation where the velocity of some object changes - this will change the object's momentum. There will always be some other object whose momentum changes in the opposite direction - the object can be figured out by Newton's Third Law. For example, if a car accelerates or brakes, the interaction is between the car and Planet Earth, so the planet will accelerate in the opposite direction as the car.

What are some examples of natural occurring cyclic changes?

Some cyclic changes are the seasons, day and night, or the phases of the moon.

What are some examples of useful changes in your environment?

scratch paper

What are some examples of physical changes for a tarnished penny?

Scratching it

What are some examples of a chemical change in matter?

Synthesis, decomposition, combustion, and oxidation are some examples of chemical changes (reactions) of matter.

What are some examples of slow changes in the earth?

changes of seasons and rusting of iron is also a slow change

Give some examples and explanation of chemical and physical changes?


What are some examples of some chemical changes?

Color change, steaming, state of matter changing.

Is ductile a chemical or physical change?

Being ductile, malleable, freezing, melting are some examples of physical changes of a substance. Physical changes do not form a new substance while chemical changes do. Examples of chemical changes are a rusting nail and combustion.

What are some examples of smart materials?

This can be a thermometer which changes couler when hot or cold

What are some examples of irreversible physical changes?

cutting of wood,shreding of paper

What are some physical changes of nickel?

Examples: melting, boiling, mechanical processing.

What are some examples energy change?

energy changes one form to another

What is a non example of chemical changes?

what are some few examples of a chemical change

What are examples of reversible changes?

Some examples of a reversible change are:Melting butterMelting iceFreezing ice-cream

What are the examples of narcissistic disorder?

Some examples of a narcissistic disorder are self-involvement, vanity, and selfishness. A narcissist is always right and they are always protecting their ego.

Is it true that when energy changes form some energy is always lost as sound?

No not always necessarily, when energy changes form it usually is lost in the form of heat.

What are some examples of physical changes that involoved color?

melting candle wax it changes from a non clear to a clear form of matter