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If you are involved in an automobile accident caused by another driver, and that driver carries no insurance, your no-fault clause is designed to protect your financial interests.

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Their own insurance would cover it if they had collision insurance.

If you had a collision and the other party does not have insurance, you would have to pay the deductible. Your insurance company would pay for any needed repairs.

The problem with no fault insurance is that fault is usually assigned thus making no fault insurance an incorrect statement. Your collision coverage is where you would make the claim in this situation.

It would be your fault, so your insurance company will pay. Unless of course, you have no insurance or you flee then his/her "no-fault" insurance would pay for the damage.

Insurance laws and costs vary widely from place to place. Your Best source of information for your state would be local Insurance Agent.

You do not need to know if the car you hit has insurance if you were at fault. It would not matter if they have insurance because you as the at fault would be responsible for the damages you caused.AnswerIf the owner of the car presented you some documents stating that his/her car has an insurance.

Florida's no fault car insurance pertains to medical payments. The insurance states that the insurance company will pay for your bodily injury claims regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Damage done to property (i.e. the car) would still be covered by the at fault party. The Florida no fault car insurance is a benefit because one does not have to worry about not having their medical needs covered because the accident was the fault of the other party and they do not have sufficient insurance.

Usually whom ever is at fault for the accident their insurance has to pay. If you are at fault your insurance has to pay and the pizza business would pick up the rest.

I would call their insurance, if you did not know who they are or they didn't have insurance, I would call your company and they can get the ball rolling.

Their insurance would be primary and your insurance would be considered secondary when filing a claim.

If the accident was not your fault (someone rear-ended you, for example), then you would claim on their insurance, and they would pay out.

yes. you can sue an at fault driver if his insurance company refuses to pay your claim. it would not be proper to sue the insurance company.

The vehicle at fault would normally use their insurance. If their insurance does not cover the damage or the police considered the accident a non fault, the car stopped at the light will have to pay for their own vehicle.

I would get your insurance company involved, they are there to keep this from happening.

The insurance wreck does not go up because of your accident to get repairs on your vehicle. Your insurance increasing only when you are at fault. If you weren't at fault then you pay the deductible and your insurance company would fight for you to get it repaired.

No it cannot. A no fault policy from Florida would still be valid in another state like Pennslyvania but if there was an accident there it would convert to at fault and you would be charged accordingly

There are numerous possible examples of things that business insurance would cover. Business insurance will cover things such as property damage and work casualties.

If the driver of the car you were in was at fault and had no insurance you are out of luck. your only recourse if to sue the person who you were driving with to recover damages. If your driver was not at fault but had no insurance the other parties insurance would have to cover your damages. The lesson is not to ride with people who do not carry auto insurance, ever.

There is not deductible with liability insurance coverage. Liability pays the party who is not fault for their damages without a deductible. If you were at fault collision would pay for damages to your vehicle but you will have a deductible of whatever you selected when you purchased the insurance policy.

It does not matter if he was drunk or had no insurance. We would need the details of how the accident happened.

If you are truly not at fault and the other insurance company is admitting liability then you should have no problem. As a side note I have heard of periodic rumblings that some states may enact a "pay to play" law. This would mean that even the "not at fault" party in an accident would have to have a valid insurance policy at the time of the accident in order to receive payment from the "at fault" driver's policy.

YOur broker should answer that for you - they would contact the company on your behalf to find out.

Workers Compensation insurance is needed if you are going to have someone working for you, it definitely would be a good ideal to get it.

The person who hit the car, if "at fault" would be responsible. If the person driving your car was the one at fault, then it would be your insurance that would have to cover it.

Whose At Fault?That sounds rather unusual. I have never heard of an insurance company assigning fault and not paying out the claim. If by chance you mean that you were making a legal, left arrow green type of turn, and the other car ran the light and you collided with the car that ran the light, the car that ran the light would be at fault. I would definitely look into the fact the at-fault insurance has assigned fault to the other driver but refuses to pay out damages for your vehicle. Remember, if you feel an insurance company isn't acting within the law, contact your state's department of insurance in order to file complaints, start grievance procedures (the complaint process) among other things.

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