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What exactly are kettle bells?

Kettle bells are round cast-iron weights with a looped handle, resembling cannonballs with handles. They are a form of free weight and are often used in strength and flexibility training exercises.

My eyes are small and round like I want them bigger without makeup The white things on my eyes around the iris doesn't show much Thank You?

If your eyes are small and round, there really is no way to make them bigger without makeup except for perhaps plastic surgery. You can speak to your doctor about it to see what your options are.

Is ak74 bigger than ak47?

neither gun is bigger just the bullets are bigger...The AK-47 has7.62x39mm round.The AK-74has the 5.45x39mm round.

Is there any exercises to get a round butt and big oobs?

Yes, eat a lot!

Are weights in a driver allowed in competitions?

As in clubs which have adjustable built in weights? Yes, these are allowed, although, you may not change them during the round, if you do so you are disqualified.

Which is bigger an m16 round or an ak's round?

The AK round. The AK 47 fires a 7.62mm round. The M16/M4 fires a 5.56mm round.

What is a good Glute Workout routine I need a daily workout routine for my butt to grow bigger and round It has to be a good work out routine with quick visible results?

Squats and lunges are the best exercises to work your glutes and get quick results.

Meaning of rounding?

A number but if you round it you get a bigger number

How made the first wheel?

Round logs were used by Early Man to roll heavy weights.

What are the hammers used in the hammer throw?

They are specially cast round iron weights attached to a 4 ft long handle. They are made in a variety of weights from 12 to 24 pounds.

What is the purpose of electronics in a soldering exercises?

It's the other way round, soldering is used in electronics.

What cartredg is bigger than a 7mm?

20x110mm autocannon round.

What are 3 exercises to gain muscle?

The three all-round power exercises that will build all body muscle areSquatsBenchpressDeadliftWith these three alone you can gain substantial size

Can you change the loft during a round of golf?

No, some golf clubs now have adjustable weights and lofts, if you are playing in a competition round you must not change the club in anyway.

If you lift weights and then run long distances does it eat away they muscle?

No it does not its the other way round Jenny and the team

What are the little round red things that form after a mosquito bite?

they are called mosquito bites don't itch them they will get bigger and bigger!

Is a cello bigger than a double bass?

No,the other way round

What is the answer to round 2019 to the nearest thousand?

Is 19 bigger than half of 2000? No, so you round down to 2000.

Is Selena Gomez going to have a CD album called round and round?

round and round is on the album called a year without rain

Which side of the heart is bigger than the other?

The right side is bigger because it has to pump blood all the way round the body

How do you know if the flywheel is bad in the car?

Teeth will be missing or other visual problem like missing weights, out of round, etc.

What are 3 exercises that will work out your upper body?

3 exercises that give you an all round development of your upper body are:Bench press - ChestMilitary press - ShouldersLat pull down - Lats/backIf you do these 3 exercises on a regular basis you would have a solid upper body.

Why does 3.50 round up to 4.00?

When the number you're going to round is exactly between the lower and the bigger number, you always round up. It can't be explained. It's just how it is.

What size round table seats 8 people?

60 inch or bigger

What is dark round opening at the center of the iris which becomes smaller or bigger?