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How can recycling help deforestation?

In some way shape or form, it can. I hope this is a good answer for you. (: I am a recycling EXPERT!(:-(:

What are some expert opinions on hunting endangered species?


Which of these would not be considered a good definition of science?

expert opinions about matter and energy

People's opinions towards recycling?

dum losers

What eight letter word means expressing of expert opinions?


What are some drawbacks for choosing and or recycling?

what are some major drawbacks for choosing and or recycling paper?

What are some solutions for recycling problems?

well what you do is get recycling bins

What type of witness is allowed to give opinions during testimony?

c- an expert witness

Where can I find an expert opinion on recycling?

Depending on your area contact your County's Solid Waste Division, City's Solid Waste or Refuse and Recycling Division, Department of Natural Resources or State Municipality, a local recycling facility, or a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

What are forensic scientists called whose opinions are influenced by what side is paying them for their service?

An expert witness

Why some countries concentrate on recycling copper more than recycling iron?

Copper is more valuable than iron, so some countries focus on recycling more of it.

Should dogs be on leashes at all times I need expert opinions please?

no because they need to be free

What is the most reliable way to get the opinions of expert on any writing topic?

Cell phones r cool!

Can you recycle?

Recycling is easy to do. If your area of the world doesn't have a recycling program, you can still be creative and recycle. Check out this website for some creative recycling ideas:

What are the bad effects of recycling copper?

Recycling is always a better option for the environment. However, copper recycling has had some negative impacts. This is because copper recycling has caused a rise in copper thefts

Do schools teach recycling?

some do

What countries are the leaders in recycling?

most countries in Europe and some states in the USA are recycling masters

Why is recycling important and what are some organisational procedures for recycling and the disposal of hazardous materials?

Recycling is important because of the need to preserve natural resources. The more recycling, the less new resources are used. An organizational procedure for recycling and disposal of hazardous materials is to have a community center dedicated to recycling.

Where can I buy some recycling containers for recycling?

Walmart stocks a wide range of cheap recycling containers. They are available in different shapes, colors and sizes so you can find some containers that match your needs.

Negative effects on recycling paper?

There are a handful of negative effects of recycling paper. Recycling paper is very expensive and some people either cannot afford this recycling or do not see it being worth the cost.

How do you use recycling in a sentences?

Some people find recycling boring, but it's important if we are to reduce waste.

Which state gets money by recycling bottles?

i believe every state has some sort of a recycling system

What are the advantages of a recycling facility?

Recycling facilities usually offer a diverse offering of services depending on their location and size. Some of these recycling services can include waste disposal recycling, construction material recycling, contaminated soil disposal, scrap metal recycling, and roll off dumpster rentals.You can easily find recycling centers in your area online.

What are some opinions on who is the best dancer in the world?

OpinionsMichael Jackson

What has the author A H Ege written?

A. H. Ege has written: 'Compilation of expert opinions upon municipal street paving'