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J. S. Bach

Henry Purcell

Wolfgang Mozart

Gustav Mahler

Giuseppe Verdi

Frank Zappa

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Who are some famous composers?

Some of the most famous composers include:BeethovenBachMozartBrahmsChopinTchaikovskyHandel

Who were some famous composers of guitar music?


Who are some famous Austrian composers?

Haydn, Mozart, & Beethoven

Who are the 3 most famous composers of all of the Renaissance period composers?

some well known filipino composers of the zarzuela:- Severino Reyes- Fulgencio tolentino- Nicanor

Who are some famous composers from Finland?

Here's one: Jean Sibelius.

What are the names of some famous Baroc composers?

vivaldi, and its spelt baroque

Who are the famous composers during the baroque period?

Some of the most famous composers during the Baroque period were Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederick Handel, and Antonio Vivaldi.

Who were the Hungarian composers?

As in musical composers? Some of the most famous were Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók, and Zoltán Kodály, but Hungary has had countless composers. Examples of some lesser known are Erno" Dohnányi and Ferenc Farkas.

What famous composers were born in France?

Some famous composers who were born in France were Frederic Chopin, Gabriel Faure, Pierre Rode, and Ambroise Thomas. Some others are Charles-Louis Hanon and Gilbert Amy.

Who were some famous composers during the baroque period?

Some famous composers who lived during the baroque period include Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi and Henry Purcell.

Who are the composers of ancient music?

This would depend on what is considered ancient in terms of music. Composers such as Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven would be some of the early famous composers, but they may not be considered ancient.

Who were the top 10 oboe composers?

10 famous oboe composers

Who were the famous Filipino composers during the 20th century?

There were many famous Filipino composers that emerged during the 20th century. Some of these composers include Rey Valera, Francisco Santiago, Vincent De Jesus, Yoyoy Villame, Emilio Villarreal, and Levi Celerio.

Who are some famous German composers?

Hanz Lichten Frein Johann Sebastian Bach

Who are some famous saxophone composers?

charlie Parker john coltrane and christafer something

Who are some Polish composers?

One famous Polish composer is Frederic Francois Chopin.

Who are some famous Filipino composers and their contribution to music?

sarah enriquez of iv-delpilar.=......

Who are the famous Filipino composers of the contemporary period?

filipino composers in contemporary period

Who are famous Italian composers?

Italy produced about 150 composers in history. The most famous Italian composers are: Giuseppe Verdi, Antonio Vivaldi, Giacomo Puccini and Gioacchino Rossini.

What are the names of some marching band music composers?

Most of these composers are from America or Europe. They include Henry Filmore, John Heed, Karl King, and one of the most famous composers, John Philip Sousa.

Who are the most famous disco composers?


Famous disco composers?


Who are famous gay composers?


Who are the foreign famous composers?


Who are some famous composers who played an electric guitar?

my favorite is Jack White from the white stripes