Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian composer during the Romantic period of classical music. By focusing on composing opera, Verdi was able to make political statements to the masses regarding his dislike of the noble ideals at the time. Please refer to this category for all questions concerning Verdi.

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Giuseppe Verdi

How many pieces did Giuseppe Verdi write?

about 28

Giuseppe Verdi

What are 4 of Giuseppe Verdi's most famous operas?

Otello, Aida, La Traviata, Falstaff.

Giuseppe Verdi

Why was Giuseppe Verdi's operas censored?

Verdi's operas were censored for their lyrics, content, and subject matter.

Giuseppe Verdi

What kinds of music did Giuseppe Verdi write?

he wrote lots of operas, 28 actually but they were anything from romantic to comedy to historical

Giuseppe Verdi

Why is giuseppe verdi important?

In addition to being one of the most significant and prolific Italian opera composers of the period (Falstaff, Otello, Aida, il Trovatore, La Traviata, Rigoletto, Nabucco, Simon Bocanegra, to name but a few), his moving opera choruses became anthems of the Risorgimento, the Italian nationalist movement that united with the Unification of Italy in 1861. So much so was Verdi associated with the movement that his name became an acronym: Vittorio Emmanuele Re D'Italia (Victor Emmanuel, King of Italy). People would often say "Viva VERDI" as a way to proclaim allegiance to the King.

Also, the chorus from Nabucco, "Va', pensiero" has become somewhat of a national hymn. While the opera context it speaks of the Jews in exile during the Babylonian captivity, it resonated with many Italians who felt still "captive" by different dominions under a fragmented, pre-unification state.

Giuseppe Verdi

What is giuseppe verdi's most important contribution to the world of music?

Perhaps Verdi is most well known for his Italian operas. He mainly wrote vocal music: 28 operas and Manzoni's Requiem. Finally, he also wrote chamber music.

Giuseppe Verdi

What was the opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi first performed in Venice in 1853 called?

La Traviata

Giuseppe Verdi

Which opera did Verdi write based on the story of the king of Babylon?

Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar).

Giuseppe Verdi

What intrument did Giuseppe Verdi play?

piano, organ, and the spinet

Giuseppe Verdi

Who was Giuseppe Verdi's parents?

Mr. and Mrs. Verdi

Good answer! Their full names were Carlo Giuseppe Verdi and Luigia Uttini Verdi.

Giuseppe Verdi

What intruments did Giuseppe verdi play?


Classical Music
Giuseppe Verdi

What was Verdi's most famous pieces of music?

His most famous music was either La Traviata or Aida.

Giuseppe Verdi

Who was Giuseppe Verdi's first teacher?

Pietro Baistrocchi in Le Roncole. Then Ferdinando Provesi in Busseto. The, Vicenzo Lavigna in Milan.

Giuseppe Verdi

Did giuseppe verdi's family play music?

Yes he did they loved it so much!

Giuseppe Verdi

How did giuseppe verdi die?

Old age. The result of a stroke.

Giuseppe Verdi

Is La donna è mobile taken from Giuseppe Verdi's opera?

Yes from his opera 'Rigoletto'

Giuseppe Verdi

When did Giuseppe Verdi write La Traviata?

La Traviata, written by Giuseppe Verdi and based on a novel by Alexandre Dumas, was first performed in 1853.

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Giuseppe Verdi

When and where was la Donna e mobile first performed?

It was first performed in venice in 1851

Giuseppe Verdi

What is Giuseppe Verdi famous for?

Giuseppe Verdi is famous for writing a large number of operas.

Giuseppe Verdi

Who did Giuseppe Verdi influence?

Everyone in this world

Giuseppe Verdi

What Were Giuseppe Verdi's Kids' Names?

Two children, Virginia Maria Luigia (March 26, 1837 - August 12, 1838) and Icilio Romano (July 11, 1838 - October 22, 1839).

Giuseppe Verdi

What date did Giuseppe Verdi die?

27th January 1901

Giuseppe Verdi died in Milan on January 27, 1901. This is according to the Music Encyclopedia. More information can be found on

Giuseppe Verdi

How old was giuseppe verdi when he ded?

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) was 88 years of age when he died.

Giuseppe Verdi

What kind of instruments did Giuseppe Verdi play?

Giuseppe Verdi played the organ

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Giuseppe Verdi

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