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  • Expense
  • Availability (can you get any and how long does it take)
  • Connectivity (does it go where you want it to)
  • Reliability (how often does it break)
  • Throughput (how much information can you deliver per unit of time)
  • Error rate (how much of the information arrives broken or not at all)
  • Standardization (same protocols, voltages, signals, codes)
  • Platform portability (move from one receiver type to another)
  • Compatability
  • Interoperability
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Q: What are some features of communication media?
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What do you mean by communication media?

The meaning of communication media is data or information that is sent using some source of media. These media types are often radio broadcasts, televisions airwaves, internet or telephones.

What are the advantages of media for communication?

Communication cannot happen without some form of media. Be it speech, the written word, pictures or graphics etc.

Discuss the types of communication media?

There are many types of communication media. The earliest forms of communication media are print and radio. Other examples of communication media include television and computers.

Advantages of communication media?

The advantages of communication media differ by type of media. Some common advantages include their ample reach, ample status, and ability to offer a method of providing information to the audience.

What are some features of the Vista media center?

"Some features of the Vista media Center include, viewing and flipping pictures, listening and storing music, recording sounds or music and you can also watch videos through the vista media center."

What are the communication medias?

example of communication media

A sentence with media in it?

a media is a mass communication

What is wireless communication media?

Wireless communication is a type of communication in which uses infrared and radio frequencies to transfer data to several devices. Wireless communication media is media that facilitates the passing of the data, such as a LAN.

What are the features of a Totalitarian Regime?

Features exemplify a utopian style of government that includes overthrowing an existing ruler, eliminating poverty and rivalry political parties and censoring media communication to the public.

Example of communication media?

Examples of communication media include television and radio, the Internet and print media. A communication medium is any channel through which a sender can transmit a message to the recipient.

What is communication media?

communication media are the physical components through which the communication devices transmit data. e.g. cables, telephone lines, terminals.

Different types of physical communication media?

Physical and Mechanical media are the different types of communication media. Physical Media is broken down into large meetings, weekly department meetings, up close and personal, and viral communication.

What are some features of the Motorola portable radio?

Motorola portable radios provide a wide array of features from wide area communication, one site two way communication, business radios communication, and is efficient in productivity.

What are the features of Windows Media Player 12?

Windows Media Player 12 has some key features that help distinguish it from many other online media players. It has built-in support that allows many forms of media, from music to photos, that be easily accessed.

What is foreign communication as a career?

Foreign communication is communication with alien country in alien language as a foreign language although the career option could be in mass media in the print media, audio /visual media,IT sector and engineering in communication technology.

What are the media used in communication?

Based on the language used, communication media can broadly be categorized into two types: Verbal media and Non verbal media. Various media of communication are shown in the following diagram: 1. Verbal Communication: When information is exchanged through words, it is called verbal communication.

What are some types of radiated media?

Radio Transmission, Infra Red, Microwaves, Communication satellites, Bluetooth, WiFi are examples of Radiated Media.

What is the difference between communication and media?

Media represents forms of communication through technology such as radio, television, magazines, newspapers and the internet. Communication, on the other hand, not only covers communication through the media, but also face to face, via mail, and all other methods of communication as well.

Difference between communication device and communication media?

A communication device is an electrical machine built to transfer information through communication media. For example a communication device could be a cellphone or a network interface card or a simple phone or a radio. The communication media is showing through where the information travels to get to its destination. For example through air,or copper, or an optic fiber. To put it simply: Imagine you want to say something to your friend. The communication "device" will be your tongue and the communication media will be air. So there are no differences or similarities between those two things you ask. You can't compare them cause they do different things. Communication media and communication devices deliver messages to a receiver or audience. Communication media can be referred to simply as "media" because a common definition for media inherently includes its purpose in communication. Media is "the means of communication, such as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely," according to Dictionary, an online reference site. Communication device refers to a specific tool used to deliver or receive messages.

Data communication media?

Various media are used for data communication. Communication media refers to the means of delivering and receiving data or information. In telecommunication, these means are transmission and storage tools or channels for data storage and transmission.

What is the role of transmission media in the data communication?

role of transmission media

What is meant by the term communication media?

Communication media refers to the means of delivering and receiving data or information. In telecommunication, these means are transmission and storage tools or channels for data storage and transmission.The term is also commonly used in place of mass media or news media.Different media are employed for transmitting data from one computer terminal to the central computer or to other computer systems inside some kind of network. The most commonly used communication media include cable, satellite, microwaves and fiber optics.The communication media acts as a communication channel for linking various computing devices so that they may interact with each other.Contemporary communication media facilitate communication and data exchange among a large number of individuals across long distances via teleportation, email, teleconferencing, Internet forums, etc. Traditional mass media channels such as TV, radio and magazines, on the other hand, promote one-to-many communication.There are two forms of communication media:Analog: Includes the conventional radio, telephonic and television broadcasts.Digital: Computer mediated communication, computer networking and telegraphy.The most commonly used data communication media include:Wire pairsCoaxial cableMicrowave transmissionCommunication satelliteFiber optics

What is communication mass media?

its refers collection of all media technologies..that are intended to reach a large audience via mass communication.....

What are some key features and types of social networking sites?

Messaging + communication Walls + group communication friends group application platform

What has the author Eric McLuhan written?

Eric McLuhan has written: 'Theories of communication' -- subject(s): Communication 'Electric language' -- subject(s): Mass media, Philosophy, Mass media and language, Mass media and technology 'Theories of communication' -- subject(s): Communication 'Cynic Satire'