What are some fun games to play with several people?

A funny game to play is Apples to Apples. It's a card game for 4-10 people. Basically, you have a bunch of cards. The green cards have adjectives on them, and the red ones have nouns. One person is the judge and picks the green card to put out. Everyone else will put one of their red cards facedown on the middle of the table. The judge will pick the one that is the funniest. The player that had the funniest one gets the green card. First person to get so many green cards wins. Note: You take turns being the judge. This game is a good party one. A game to get to know each other is truth or dare. Most people have played this at a party before. You ask a person if they want a truth or a dare. If they choose truth, you ask them a question and they have to answer it. If they picked dare, you tell them to do something and they do it. You could also play the would you rather game. You ask people questions like "Would you rather sing in front of everyone at a baseball game or eat stuff out of the trash?" You'll get some interesting answers to stuff like this. *You can buy an Apples to Apples game box at various stores. The other two games require no cards or game boards.