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What are some fun sites for teens?

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these 2 sites are awsome!! my friend made them. they surveys, questions, chatrooms, secret of the day, advice on bullies to boys, and even fun sleepover tips!! also, one of them has a great story that my friend has written on it!! these 2 sites are:



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What are some fun sites for girls that are ten?

Some fun sites are club penguin, moshi mosnters, and webkinz.

What are some fun things to do in Melbourne for Teens?

Go ice skating with some friends! [REALLY FUN!]

What are some fun Chating websites for teens?

Some fun chatting websites are:clubpenguinmoshimonstersbeaconstreetgirls

What are some party games for teens? has some really fun party games for teens.

What are some good websites for mature pre-teens?

some good sites are: and,

What are some fun kid sites?

Some fun kids sites include the following: bearville. disney channel, poptropica, and club penguin.

What are some fun websites for teens like MySpace and facebook?


What are some fun sites for 12 year olds?

miniplanet is fun c:

What are fun games for teens?

heres some games i play or some that r fun

What are some fun sites for preteens to go on?

What are some avatar websites for teens?

here are some avatar websites for teensMeez.comImvu.comsorry i cant remember more IMVU is a fun website.

Why do teens do drug?

They are fun.

What are some fun games for teens?

Anything that has to do with dating. Trust me I know what I'm talking about.

What are some fun things do do at a hotel if you are a teen?

Go to the pool! Meet other teens.

What are some fun things to do on a Saturday night for teens?

Play video games or movies

What are some sites for teens only? is all i know You could also check on google.

What are some fun and safe things we can plan for our teens after prom?

There are many fun and safe things that teens can do after prom. Arrange for a rented limo or van to take the teens to a late night diner where they can get a meal after prom, or host a slumber party (with appropriate adult supervision!).

What are websites for teens?

There are many great websites for teens on the Internet. Try searching 'awesome web sites for teens'

What are some fun websites for teens to go on?

i like to go on sims and habbo when im bored

What are some fun virtual websites for tweens and teens?

myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.

Why are some teens addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Because its fun to be trippin yo -fellow teen

What are some similar sites to these?

One Q and A site is Fun Advice.

How is Facebook good for teenagers?

Facebook is good for teens because they can have fun, talk to their friends, get in touch with people they can't get in touch with and Scientists have proven that Facebook, and other online sites actually help develop social skills for teens!

Why do teens indulge in alcohol drinking?

teens can be attracted to alcohol for many reasons.............. the most popular are that its to be cool or for a dare...........some just don't care and do it for fun

What are some fun kid sites to play on?

fantage, club penguin, and moshi monsters are some really awesome kids sites to play on=-)