What are some geographical features in Sudan?

¨Sudan is located in north eastern Africa. It borders the Red Sea between Egypt on the north and Eritrea and Ethiopia on the southeast; it borders Chad and the Central African Republic on the west. It is the largest country in Africa.

¨The total area of the country is 2,505,813 square kilometres, with 2,376,000 km² land, and 129,810 km² water. This is slightly larger than one-quarter the size of the United States, one-fifth the size of Europe, and one-third the size of Australia.

¨The Nile is the dominant geographic feature of Sudan, flowing 3,000 kilometres from Uganda in the south to Egypt in the north. Most of the country lies within its catchment basin. The Blue Nile and the White Nile, originating in the Ethiopian highlands and the Central African lakes, respectively, join at Khartoum to form the Nile River proper that flows to Egypt.

¨Northern Sudan, lying between the Egyptian border and Khartoum, has two distinct parts, the desert and the Nile Valley. To the east of the Nile lies the Nubian Desert; to the west, the Libyan Desert. They are similar--stony, with sandy dunes drifting over the landscape. There is virtually no rainfall in these deserts, and in the Nubian Desert there are no oases. In the west there are a few small watering holes where the water table reaches the surface to form wells that provide water for nomads and caravans. Flowing through the desert is the Nile Valley, whose alluvial strip of habitable land is no more than two kilometres wide and whose productivity depends on the annual flood.

¨ by M.O