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Samsung captivate, hp veer (small but nice), Samsung Infuse, and HTC inspire

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Q: What are some good AT and T touchscreen phones?
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What other phones run on the AT&T network besides iPhones?

AT&T have a variety of phones to choose from! They have many touchscreen phones, including the Droid series, but also, the tried and true names, like Samsung, Nokia, and LG.

Are there any good phones from AT and T that have signatures?

All the phones from AT&T with signatures are smart phones so every single phone from there is very good and very modern and new.

What is a good make of ATandT cell phone?

There are several good makes of AT&T cell phones. Some popular and well made AT&T cell phones are, the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Android, and the Go Phone.

What are some good pre paid cell phones?

Some good pre paid cell phones are; att&t, lg, samsung, jitterbug, nokia, verizon and more. You can also find some more here:

What are some common features of Samsung T Mobile phones?

The top of the line phone that Samsung offers T-Mobile is the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is a full-featured Android smartphone with a 5" touchscreen, 13 Megapixel camera, a 1.9Ghz quad-core processor, and it uses the advanced 4G network for faster speeds. It offers everything that similar phones from other carriers can do.

What are some good camera phones?

Their are a lot of nice camera phones on the market. I would go with a brand that is reputable such as Samsung which Verizon and AT&T offers. Another good brand is Nokia.

Are boost mobile phones as good as ATT mobile phones?

Boost mobile phones and AT&T mobile phones are very similar. In fact, some of the phones are identical. While Boost definitely is cheaper for service, I can't say that their phones are any better.

Which cell phones are available with no plans?

there can be different phones along with at & t and t mobile service. now a days with at & t you get a number of good phones from nokia and sony ericson absolutely free.

What is the best AT&T cell phone to buy without wasting your money?

I would definitely suggest the new LG Nitro HD. It has an amazingly intuitive layout and is one of the best AT&T phones you can get for the money - it's a definite competitor against the iPhone and many other leading touchscreen smart phones.

Where can one purchase a T Mobile flip phone?

T-Mobile sells a variety of phones, and some of their models are flip phones. A T-Mobile store, or authorized retailer, may be a good place to start. One can also purchase them online from T-Mobile themselves. Finally, one can also purchase unlocked flip phones for use on the T-Mobile network.

Are metro phones good?

yes they are wonderful phones but with at&t,verison and sprint you get minutes

What are some examples of LG mobile phones that one can purchase on T-Mobile?

There are many LG mobile phones that one can purchase from T-Mobile. Some examples of these LG-mobile phones from T-Mobile include the LG Optimus 9 and the LGE960W.

Is a T-Mobile cell phone any good?

I think T-Mobile has great cell phone options. They are affordable and are some of the top brands of cell phones.

Is the samsung gravity t a good phone?

The gravity 3 and the gravity t are both good phones but you should choose the gravity t.

Is T-Mobile a good company for prepaid cell phones?

Yes, T-Mobile is a good company for prepaid cell phones. They provide you with the perfect service and at the right price. Check out their website or go to a T-Mobile store today.

Who has the most affordable mobile phone?

TracFone and Virgin Mobile are some other options for you if you are interested in a phone. Some of the phones they offer are good but not quite as good as the ones offered by T-Mobile.

What networks do blackberry phones support?

Blackberry phones are compatible with Wi-Fi networks and some are capable of working in a 3G or 4G network, depending on the provider. Verizon and AT&T are good providers for this.

Where can you get a free touchscreen phone?

the only way you are going to a free touchscreen phone is if your touch screen breaks or messes up and cannot be fixed the Verizon at&t- t moble or whoever your phone is with they will provide you that same touchscreen phone for free

What are some cheap pay as you go mobile phones?

Research has shown that there are a wide range of cheap pay as you go mobile phone plans. It is not believed that there are specific phones for pay as you go but rather there are a variety of company plans that offer this service for a variety of mobile phones. Some good pay as you go phone services are through T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and AT&T.

What is the cheapest phone that T-mobile has out for June of 2011. What phone, with what deal?

Off T-Mobile's official website: There are eight phones that are FREE with rebates and term contracts. Although some are refurbished, my personal experience with refurbished phones is very good so far.

Which stores are good for helping someone compare the price of mobile phones?

Some stores that offer help for someone to compare the price on mobile phones is Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile. One could also find reviews on the cell phones different prices.

What service is for the LG phones?

It depends on which LG phone you have. Some LG phones are for AT&T, others for Sprint, and some for Verizon Wireless.

How much do Blackbearry T-Mobile phones cost?

Blackberry phones that are for sale through T-Mobile vary in cost but average around $170 to $250. Some of these phones can be financed through the phone company.

What are some cheap AT&T cell phones? has a huge section of used phones for AT&T their range is all excellent condition phones without locked in contract, which means you are free to use it how you need

What are some of the newest cell phones offered by Cingular?

Cingular is now known as AT&T. Some of the new phones AT&T offers are the Samsung Captivate, HTC HD7s and the sharp FX.