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Hannaford Turkey and boxed stuffing of course!!lol!!

that is a sarcastic answer actually right now i have no ideas but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for anything...and Christmas recipes as well....for me....

Nicki age 12

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โˆ™ 2011-10-19 12:59:19
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Q: What are some good Thanksgiving recipes?
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What's a good book with easy Thanksgiving recipes?

While there are many good books for recipes, one of the best books with easy Thanksgiving recipes is the Betty Crocker cookbook.

Where can one find a good turkey recipe for Thanksgiving?

There are many websites where one can find a good Thanksgiving turkey recipe such as Food Network and Simply Recipes. Any local book shop will also sell recipe books, some specific to Thanksgiving food, which will contain recipes for turkey.

Where can I find some good thanksgiving appetizer recipes?

There is a website that does appetizers like no one else and you are sure to find some great ideas there. It is���appetizer/index.html

Where can I find good thanksgiving recipes?

Head on over to foodnetwork website and you can find an entire section completely dedicated to Thanksgiving recipes. And the best part is it has recipes for every skill level and time constraint.

What are some good ideas for creating a unique Thanksgiving cake?

Good ideas for creating a unique Thanksgiving cake can be found from Martha Stewart website. They offer different kinds of cake recipes for your choice.

What are some healthy recipes for Thanksgiving?

Some healthy recipes for Thanksgiving include Pear, Prosciutto & Hazelnut Stuffing, Lemon Garlic Roast Turkey and Green Bean Casserole. You can get these recipes online for free at the Eating Well website.

What are some stuffing recipes ideal for Thanksgiving?

Some stuffing recipes ideal for Thanksgiving include Sausage, Fig and Cranberry, Cornbread and Oyster, Herbed, Old-Fashioned Gravy stuffing and many more.

What are some good octopus recipes?

Octopus Meze and Octopus Salad are some of the good octopus recipes.

What do vegans eat on Thanksgiving Day?

For vegan Thanksgiving recipes, click on the links below -

Where are some good pasta recipes available?

There is no end to the amount of good recipes available. Some good pasta recipes can be found on the food network online, Betty Crocker online, or in Good Housekeeping magazine.

What are some good juicing recipes for weight loss?

I have not heard that juicing is a good way to loose weight. I assume you can find good juicing recipes at or some other sites dealing with recipes.

What are some easy thanksgiving recipes for diabetics?

A standard roast turkey with a whole grain rice stuffing is a good recipe for diabetics. Lots of lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

What are some good picnic recipes?

There are many good picnic recipes. These recipes include watermelon and cantaloupe salad and macaroni salad. The recipes can be found at

What are some recipes that use pork chops?

If you looking for some good pork chop recipes, go to the following websites: All Recipes, Jamie Oliver, Good to Know, i Food TV and Pork Chop Recipes.

What are some good honey recipes?

You may find some healthy and good tasting honey recipes at the following or at Food Recipes

Can you give me any roasted yam recipes for thanksgiving that are good?

yes!!just call me..

What are some good Passover cake recipes?

Good Passover cake recipes can be found in many cookbooks or online. has a selection of recipes for this occasion.

What recipes can be made to lower cholesterol for thanksgiving?

Yes, there are many recipes available that are good at addressing high cholesterol. Some offer healthy alternatives and other actually help to reduce one's own cholesterol.

Are there any good recipes for diabetes sufferers?

You can find some good recipes for diabetes suffers at All Recipes. They have recipes for salads, burgers, soups and pizzas that are easy to make and delicious.

What are some good recipes that include red cabbage?

One can find good recipes that include red cabbage from many different recipe websites. Some good recipes that include red cabbage are: salads, or stews.

What are some good Grecian food recipes?

Some good Grecian recipes are Greek Chicken Pitas, Greek Potatoes and Greek Lamb with Orzo. These can be found at and searching for Greek recipes.

What are some good breakfast recipes?

A good breakfast includes good proportions of the things from the food pyramid. For more information on breakfast recipes, visit:

I want to make the perfect ham for Thanksgiving. What is a good chef website to assist me?

A great place to find recipes and cooking assistance is This site has tons of wonderful recipes for both beginners and well versed cooks and most recipes have user comments letting you know how good the directions and recipes really are and what you might want to consider changing.

What are some good Passover recipes?

Some good Passover recipes include pineapple baked ham, and bacon cheeseburgers. They are tasty for the whole family.

What are some good ham recipes I can try?

Some good ham recipes can be found at the Wisegeek website and the Shockingly Delicious website. Both websites contain a lot of ham recipes for home use.